How to make a cheap coffee table into a pretty foot stool

Thomas Quinn style!

You will need:
Coffee table
Cushion insert
Stable Gun

We almost have our living room furniture sorted now thanks to Tom...um but now we need a coffee table!

 First get a cheap coffee table (ours was £2 from a charity shop).
 Next get a cheap cushion (ours was from IKEA)
 Work out how to use the stable gun...
 Flip the table over and staple the cushion insert to the table
 Staple all round the edges neatly with the fabric..
 And there you go!
 Pretty good foot rest! And all for under £5
Oh! Did I say foot rest? I meant cat rest.


Happy New Years Eve

Today we had our final check up at the hospital which was pretty awful (as expected) but not as awful as it could have been (in regards to having to have any kind of operation etc). Hopefully I wont ever have to go to that department ever again.
I have been feeling pretty sick of staying in on the sofa of late so wasn't too eager to go straight home. We decided to take a little stroll around Clifton village.
We went to an antique shop and I found this cabinet of enamel flower broaches. I have wanted one for the longest time and it took me a good half an hour to decide on which one to get..In the end I settled on this one (below) isn't it beautiful?
 I know I have a lot of turquoise so I might have to think carefully about which garment to put it on. It was quite expensive (well by my standard!) £12, so I may have just treat myself to one a month or something.

We also came across these vintage cups for 20p each (bargain!) we pretty much have a bizillion mugs/cups but I cant stop buying more, especially when they are this nice.

The tray is from my granny, my mum gave me a bunch of stuff from her when we went down at Christmas. I haven't photographed them all properly yet, but will do soon I promise.
The picture below is just a sneak peek, our kitchen is far far to messy to show you any more right now!
On our way back home we stopped by a charity shop and found this chair. It is from the seventies (78 to be exact) and still has it original price tag under the cushion. As it was only £20 and we needed another chair we picked it up and carried it back on the train!

It was pretty funny to rock up at the station and sit on your own chair in a 'yer I allways carry a chair around with me' type of way.
Well that was our new years eve-day. We were thinking of maybe going for a drink in our local-ish pub, but I think I am probably not going to make it to ten! Maybe Tom can wake me up to bang pots and pans in the street and go back to bed again(btw that is actually something people do, I'm not a crazy person).
Happy New Year to your all! Thanks for all your support over the past year. Yay for 2011! xoxo


Secret Santa

The best secret santa! I returned home to find this in the post and it was such a nice surprise. Powers of deduction have led me to discover it was by the amazing Jamie Mills.
The secret santa was set up by the lovely Danielle. I hope my secret recipient liked my secret present!

We are going to use these illustrations as our decorations every year going forward. Loves xoxo

My sister is Alice

One of my goals for 2011 is to do some 'what I wore today' type posts. I used to have such an interest in fashion. I still do but I guess as you get older your priorities regarding what you spend your money on change a little. After rent and bills I used to spend all my wages on clothes and accessories and not much else. Now I am a bit more sensible and am taking more pride on our house and most of my money is spent doing sensible things!

I do however love a good outfit and it is not always about buying new things. I have honed in my charity shop skills a little more and hopefully by the end of 2011 I should have mastered the art of how to my make own clothes (big goal for me..keep keep talking about it and never doing it!).

Over christmas my little sister went to a 'Wonderland' themed birthday party, she is blonde so she got to be Alice (the birthday girl was Bill the lizard, how cute is that?!). Luckily I had brought down the perfect blue dress for christmas day and if truth be told she looked so much better than me in it.
Serin wears blue silk dress from Fever London
Vintage pinny
Navy Cardigan - Charity Shop
Headband - Primark

We had christmas at my parents in wales but were only there for a few days. Unfortunatly my big brother and SIL (sister in law) Joc couldnt make it..
They did send us this amazing picture of their christmas jumpers though! I think Keir wins the best jumper :) ha!
Tom took these pictures of me which are far from flattering due to bad hair, lack of sleep..but I do like to record chritmas days..whatever the weather.

I have some big goals for 2011..what are yours? xoxo


My year 2010

Thankyou so much for your lovely comments, here and on my twitter.

I was inspired to do this post after reading Erd's blog. I think it is really good to look back though the year and think about all that has happened. The good and the bad! I am thankful to say that the good heavily out ways the bad :)
So here we are 2011 Tigerlilly Quinn style

I started a new job (well technically I started it the week before xmas but that was more like a trial week). I work as a personal assistant / marketing administrator for an electrical firm...yer I know..but its actually not that bad. I work relatively close to home, round the corner from where Tom works and as its an office of three people (including me) and have my own space to get on with my own thing.
I also started this blog! (and got my first follower! I remember how thrilled I was to have at least one person read it)

I got my first order for a local boutique, it was mainly crafted items and was a huge learning curve for me. After accepting the first offer given I ended up working to a huge loss and late nights and lots of stress. It was worth it through as I learnt a valuable lesson!

It was also valentines day :)

I joined twitter and Bristol Culture contacted me to ask if they could do a post on my artwork. I was so exited I rang pretty much all my family, it was the first time any one had really taken an interest in my art!

Up until this point most of my art work was mainly just plain ink but I started thinking about branching out to a new colourful direction.

I started doing more stalls, I made enough to break even but not much more, they were useful to do though as they taught me some important tips on selling your art.
Tom took me to the Hobbs fashion show in aid of meningitis. He bought us very expensive VIP tickets which meant a lot to me as I have had meningitis.

Tom bought a house! And we started packing and moving..Que - major stress

Caffe Clifton said they would show some of my pieces in their place. First establishment to feature my work!

I started illustrating for magazines such as Amelia's magazine. This was a great opportunity to get my name out there and also to make me actually work to tight deadlines and produce work that was out of my comport zone!

I also set up my 'I Saw You' project

I went on a lovely Greecian holiday with my family
I also submitted to 'Balled Of Nany Floff' and from that produced my first logo for 'the belle witch'
We worked on the house some more..now we had paint in our living room..but still no floor

I did my first commission work, again although fun it was a learning experience. I was to produce 18 illustrations as what worked out as little more than a few pounds an illustration. I hope I do not sound too mercenary here. Don't get me wrong I would illustrated for free all day and night anyway but for me if illustration is ever going to become a way of living I need to get the paid bit right!
I also had my first sale in my shop!

We got cats!
I found out I made the cut and am in the latest Balled Of Nany Floff to be sold across the country in shops such as the Tate Modern!Wowzers.
Tea and Crayons is created, I make some great friends and we do some ace things!

This was a bit of an insane month for me..November the 12th - Tom and I travel to London to attend the 'Balled Of' launch party..It is also the day we find out im pregnant..no cocktails for me! I sip soft drinks and we leave after a few hours as I suddenly realise how totally shattered I am..

November 23rd - The Metro choose my illo to feature on their cover! Proudest moment yet..walking on clouds all day..November 30 - I turn 25!

I go on a trip to London with my mum and buy a copy of myself in print from the Tate Modern

20th - I lose our baby

I guess a lot has happened in this past year, its only as I write it all down that I see just how much has gone on!
We have our own house, two lovely cats. My art work is growing at a steady state. We have occurred  a great loss yes and this will hurt..well..for a long long time I know. But we know how much we want this now..we are the strongest we have ever been as a couple...

I think 2011 will be the best year yet. xoxo

New reader? Start here

Hello! My name is Fritha Tigerlilly Quinn and I'm a twenty something mum to a four year old boy named Wilf, a baby named Mabli and wife to one bearded husband named Tom. I run this blog and my online shop from our house in-between mummy-ing and Tom looks after old buildings when he's working and us when he's not working.

We live in Bristol in the UK and own a house that is a labour or love in a street where our neighbours really have become good friends (like the song goes). We own two fat rescue cats named Rockie and Maddie who are pedigree British shorthairs. Rockie used to own the title of best cat of his breed in the South West cat show of 2007. This was before he was re-homed with us, his show days are well over and now they are completely untrained and jump on the work surfaces to try and steal butter.

If you are looking for some popular posts you might want to start with a little about how Tom and I met here or here or maybe our engagement here & here. I gave birth to our son Wilf two weeks after my twenty sixth birthday in our living room, you can read that story here if you like.

We got married when I was twenty eight here and you can see the video our lovely friend made here.

I think that covers the major life events! ;)

Some other things about us:

Wilf and I are vegetarian and neither of us has ever eaten meat. Tom is a pescatarian.
We both share a love for bright colours, interiors and sixties design.
I want Robyn to be my BFF and have spend many a day dream wishing I could do the dance to 'call your girlfriend'.
Tom spends way to much time looking into cats that need rehoming and planning the home we would buy when we win the lottery.

My blog was started a year or so after I graduated in graphic design. I felt like I should have an online platform to showcase my work but it slowly evolved into a diary our life and I slowly realised I actually wasn't so good at graphic design ;)

I am so thankful that my blog has grown into business and I am now able to stay at home with my son. I have never worked so hard or loved a job so much in my life. I am constantly thankful for everyone who spends time on my corner of the internet or leaves a comment. Without you guys this wouldn't be possible so thank you once again!


Feeling loved and heartbroken

I thought long and hard about whether to post this on here or not.

In a couple of weeks I was hoping to publish a completely different kind of post, I even had it all written up, along with the letters I had written every week. I don't really know what to do with those letters now..

I realised something was wrong about a week ago, my mum and I went to have a check up but the scan showed there was nothing wrong, a strong healthy heart beat and a cute little picture to take away with me and show Tom.

I guess i feel a little angry about that now,a week later and the same little room confirms I have lost my baby.
I am going to let myself cry for as long and as much as I feel I need to. It is very much a part of me now and although I know it is a fairly common occurrence it doesn't make it any easier.

One thing I have realised however is how much I am loved. I don't know what I would do without my family and friends and even though Tom's heart is breaking too he has done nothing but look after me and try and make it easier.

I decided to post this here as l found it really helped when I read other peoples stories on the Internet. Its maybe not right but hearing other people going through the same pain does actually make you feel less alone.Less to blame.

Though such a short part this is now part of my story and I am going to take a bit of a break to let it soak in and to grieve. xoxo


Its cool its cool to love your family

I have to say I don't really say it enough but I am so thankful for my family..

(From left to right)

My baby brother Madog Gito

My daddy carrying Madog

My little sister Fionnuala

My baby sister Serin Eirig Angharad

My big brother Keir and his wife Joc

My mama

Tom and I

I think pretty much one of the most important things with how you feel about your parents is that you respect them..I don't mean like being well behaved or doing as your told but actually respecting them as people. I know that whatever advise I need I can always go to them and I will get a honest and intelligent answer. They are also pretty much the kindest people I have ever met.

My parents are not in anyway rich but will always think of others before themselves, for example they once decided they didn't need two cars after they had moved house and so sold it and gave all the profit to charity..My mum will never buy herself anything but always look out for the best things for her children. My dad will patiently spend hours devising fun ways for his children to learn subjects they find hard (e.g me with maths, still rubbish at it sorry dad!)

Spending the weekend with my mum reminded me of how important it is to be a good person. I like to hope I am a good person (I once got turned down for a job for being 'too nice' haha) but sometimes it helps to be around your family to keep you grounded and remember what is truly important in life.

I love being part of a big family, my sisters and brothers are all completely unique and amazing in their own different ways. Keir was always the best big brother, he never minded when I snitched on him or annoyed him. He never picked on me like some older siblings but looked after me and kissed my head when I cried. Joc is the perfect sister in law and addition to our family :)

Nuala (Fionnuala - although nowadays she likes to be called Finley..I'm sorry I cant do it!) is loyal and headstrong. She can drive me absolutely nuts and I have the most blazing rows with her (that I have never had with anyone else). She thinks I am way too soft and girly!

Serin is sweet and shy, she always has her head in a book and is sensitive like me haha. She is also 5.10 at 14 and groooowing. She could be a model but I'm pretty sure she is too much into history and reading for that.

Madog is pretty much the cutest little brother you could have, he is into dancing rather than football. Loves Pokemon and drawing :)

Tom is very much my family now too, I don't think I could have met a lovelier man. Yes we have our ups and downs like everybody but we have the same core values and he is nothing but kind and patient. He is funny and eccentric and handsome and I love building up our life together, this is only the start!

I love my family oxox


Some pics from our trip to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum!! xoxo
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