Kiss Me Cakes

I am lucky enough so have grabbed 10 mins with the lovely Ally Bradley of Kiss Me Cakes, to ask her 20 ( ok 12 ) questions! Here is what she has to say..

Q- Do you remember when you first started baking? Or did the cake-love come first?

A-With My Greek Yia Yia (Granny) & Mama when I was about 6- We baked a traditional sweet cake, a bit like a BRIOCHE, but 100% Yummier

Q- Who and/or what inspires your baking endeavours?

A- My GOLDEN Mammy

Q- How do you think your Greek heritage has influenced your repertoire?

A- Greeks Just LOVE Food and Cooking and Eating and Sharing..

Q- Have you ever had any wretched baking disasters?

A- A couple of Major Disasters, cakes ending up on the floor. Buttery fingers!

Q- If money were no object, what would your dream kitchen be like?

A- Best Q so far.. This is her

Q- what do you do to get into the 'zone' to bake?

A – French Jazz, Favourite Apron on, Materials & ingredients all ready, Pristine Kitchen ready for a bake off. Bit OCD with cleaning..

Q- If you could know something two years ago that you know now what would it be?

A Save the Golden £££’s

Q- Many of your cupcakes are very intricately decorated. How long does it take you to make your cupcakes? What are the main ingredients you use for decorating?

A – Prep and Baking is pretty straightforward and lasts up to 2 hours. Décor is the tick tock timer, each cup has approx 3 minutes of Love. Creamy Tea in between Cup batches.

Q- What flavor cupcakes are your favorites to make?

A – Ultimate Cups are my Blueberry Cheesecakes with lemon curd & poppy seed’s

Q- What’s your dream cupcake catering job?

A- A Shabby Chic, traditional Cakery/Café

Q- What do you have coming up next?

A- It’s all Cakey Business now, am going to inject Full energy and Positivo vibes in the next year, and hopefully be one step closer to the mini Cakery

Q - Please can you make me an owl cupcake? ;)

A- ehhhh 1 Zillion % Moonbeatle! x

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