Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them

Let me start by apologising for lack of posts recently.. (silly office job getting in the way grumble grumble) Hope you all had great weekends?

How cute is today's Google Ident? I love love love that book..anyone who hasn't read 'The Little Prince' ..should!

I have a super exiting project I am working on, I wish I could share it with you but its not 100% confirmed yet so don't want to jinks it! I will show you as soon as I can though, deal?

So what else is new...hmm I have been pretty inspired by Ted Talks there are some really motivational ones that really get you thinking, as well as inspiring and just plain interesting talks.

I am very much liking this lady , her work always puts a smile on my face and her blog is just lovely too.

In other news Thomas and I have to stop eating so many of these..

and do more of these... (boo)

Sorry for such a silly post! Will be back soon with a real one! xo


Annah said...

I had a European boyfriend who was totally artsy fartsy (and very cute!) and he LOVED The Little Prince. I haven't read it :( I need to really do it one of these days.

kat ann said...

lol that last work out picture make me giggle. exercise is so boooo

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Annah - I think you should defo read it, you will love it! I think quite a lot of guys like that book, it is my big brothers favorite!

Kat ann - me too! :) XO

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