I Saw You - Abby Wright

Hello Saturday,

This week's 'I Saw You' comes from the talented Abby Wright! I just love this illustration, its so cute! You can find more of her work here

'I saw you and you were adorable. The more I see you, the more I adore you'

I just love how this project is going :) And am so thrilled that such talented illustrators are taking part! (be sure to check out last weeks one by Kayleigh Bluck too)

Next week I am going to try and do my parents 'I Saw You' because they are my favorite couple.
If you would like to take part just drop me a line at frithastrickland at hotmail.com

Have a great Saturday! xo


Hello Friday!

Hello hello helllooo! I am so glad its Friday! Honestly I am so shattered this week phew! Here are ten things I love this week :)

Cute packaging from Rebbecca Thuss

Pretty pink shoes and birdie tattoo's ..
Beautiful vintage cameras..i really want a pink Holga *wishes*

Prints by these guys..this one is my fav

Love notes always make me smile

My fix of inspiration from Apartment Therapy

This print as it made me laugh

Turquoise nail varnish is may favorite and my bessssst.

Tea and daydreams...

I am saving up some pennies to get the box set then set aside a weekend and bliss!

This lady is my fav,

Thomas and I are off to the harbourside festival over the weekend and also doing housey stuff. What are you guys up to on the weekend?



I thought I would share with you this great website I stumped upon. Its perfect for the type of peeps that don't have access to programmes like photoshop to alter their images.

You can create neato effects like this by the click of a button, see?

Before -

After -

p.s picture is taken by me of the corner of stokes croft

Also I only just realised how to do 'actions' on photoshop so I will do a little post on that at some point! (and yes I do actually have a 2:1 in graphic design and illustration!) but photoshop is constantly surprising me with little things like that. That is why I love is so :)

Pear- Shaped Hill

As you may tell I am in a bit of a vintage illustration mood today and wanted to share my finds!

Artist: Bernice Myers, 1960

Please dont feed Horace

Story by Miriam Young. Pictures by Abner Graboff, 1961 - Just love this illustrations..love love love :)


..and it told me I'm a self machine

Here is my complete illustration for Amelia's Magazine. I hope you like?

I found this brief quite challenging but I quite pleased with the result. I was lucky to have the task of drawing someone with a great jacket! I think that made the illustration :)

This is what she looks like really (photograph by Amelia Gregory)

Hope you have a great Wednesday! xo


Matthias Heiderich.

I just love the colours captured in Matthias photographs. I just wanna lie in that park...


I always try and credit the artist when I can but I'm not sure who actually did these illustrations....if anyone knows please let me know. But looks kinda like Lorraine Fox?

Either way I love love love xo

New Hair

I really couldn't think of anything more interesting to call this post! I have died my hair red (although its come out alot darker than I wanted it to) after a few washes I think it will be ok!

Here is a picture - Just for fun! xoxo Tigerlilly

I saw the mirror starin' back at me..

OK I am gunna give you a sneaky sneak peek of my illustration for Amelia's Magazine. Only a sneak peek mind! (you will have to wait until its up to see the the final illustration) But this is my illustration at the in between stage..

This is before I coloured it all in and added a few bits and pieces. Stay tuned to see the final piece when it is up online! Hope you like xoxo



These guys have created some amazing posters and for some of my favorite bands. Check out their collection, its pretty rad!

Nadinoo Boutique

The problem with saving money and running a blog is that I see so many pretty things I just need to have! *Sigh* xoxo

This one is my favorite!

A Long Distance Engagment

You may get the impression that I am wedding mad (and I would understand why with my recent posts!). However I am not I promise! It's just that I find weddings quite inspirational. I love how everything is made so pretty for one special day.

I hadn't heard of engagement photo shoots until recently but I think its such a lovely idea! Obviously it would be weird if someone was taken pictures whilst you were actually proposed to but I love the idea of recreating the moment and keeping it for ever.

This photo shoot is just so beautiful, and I love the way it represents the couples circumstances but with a retro twist!

Hopefully all these wedding themed posts wont panic Mr Quinn too much! :) xoxo

Scott Balmer

Today I am very much liking the illustrations of Scott Balmer. Especially the Lions, I just love the colours! How is your Monday going? xo


Funny Bunny

Just love these retro illustrations - A Big Golden Book, 1950. By Rachel Learnard. Pictures by Alice and Martin Provensen...

I think the fox ones are probably my fav xo
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