50 things I have learnt

So I got the idea for this post from here and their '50 things' challenge. It is a bit of a silly post but I thought I would share with you a few things I have learnt/think are important in life!

I have actually found it kinda therapeutic to think of them all! Why don't you guys do some too and link to this post? I would love to know what you have learnt/find important :)

50 things I have learnt in life so far (that's almost two for every year I have been alive)

what you are happiest doing at five is probably what you will be happiest doing in later life. (I don't mean making mud pies and eating worms!) for me it is drawing :)

find something you really care about and work hard at it

It is important to make mistakes so that you can learn form them

I am responsible for my own happiness (it is easy to rely on others for it)

nothing is set in stone

I'm most productive in the morning

behind every closed door is a new experience

worrying gets you no where ( but it is hard not too!)

designing makes me happy

there is no way to draw anything wrong

thinking life will be better in the future is silly, you have to life for now

hard goals are worth it

its too easy to be lazy

sometimes I think too much

different people look at things differently, you should respect their opinions..
that being said there is a line!

never judge people on physical appearance

love can make you or break you

but your first heartbreak will always hurt the most

don't rely on good intentions

the most important thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return! (OK this is from the Moulin Rouge but it is the best one!)

I can bring them all out 'love it all you need' etc etc :) but they are true!!

love without abandon

love can make me unreasonable..

trying to 'fit in' only gets me lost

wanting to be someone else is a waste of time, be who you are and love it

there is no point trying to please everyone..you cant make everyone like you

animals make me happy..I think I might like them more than people

along the same note you should always be kind to them

don't take things too seriously

or bare grudges ( I am really really working on this one! )

treat others how you want to be treated (even if they treat you bad)

think before you talk

regretting things that happened in the past stop me from moving on in the future

as much as I hate to admit my parents are pretty much always right..
my family are my best friends

home is where the people you love are

I don't like surprises

life lessons come in strange places

you can find inspiration in everything

save things..(!)

always proofread your work

if you want something you have to work hard at it, but do not make compromises on time with family and friends

there is always someone worse of than you - be grateful for what you have

...I don't need as much as I think I do..but maybe a vintage fawn collection?

you cant dodge your own shadow :p

dance dance dance! it makes you happy

sleeping cures a lot of things..

..as does hot baths..


..and tea :)..

..I cannot live without tea..like really

the world really is an amazing place

Tigerlilly xo


The English Writer said...

Very cool, and some very interesting choices...it's easy to be lazy, v true, motivation is everything!

toushka said...

great list - and some fantastic life lessons in there.
without the blog this challenge I wouldn't have found so many amazing blogs. loving this one.

Jess said...

Great list - love the pics too :o) and doesnt everyone want a minature fawn collection!?

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