Sun shines in the rusty morning

If I lived in the Victorian period I would most certainly be a maid..well that would be if I was lucky..I would probably be something alot worse!

However we can always dream and I would love to think of myself as a lady wondering about waiting for some gentleman to whisk me off my feet (haha!) no your right I would be far too bored..perhaps if I had been around in the early 1900's and have become a suffragette :)

Either way I am in love with the fashion of this period and am very much getting back into my period dramas recently...

We love Halloween, We love Halloween

I love Halloween, but I am pretty unimaginative when it comes to costumes every year..it is vampire vampire vampire (gosh in some of these pics I'm even in the same dress the year later!)

This year however I am going to a tea party for my pal's birthday..I think I would look pretty odd as a vampire (and possibly terrify her small daughter) so I am putting those fangs away for another year.

Hope you all have a lovely Halloween weekend though!

What are you going to dress as? xoxo


Most beautiful music video I ever did see..

Rebecca Parker

I know I have introduced you to my pal Rebecca Parker's photography before but I realise that allot more people are viewing my blog since then and also I have a new (and in my opinion better) layout for you to view the quality of them.

So here you are, swoon over these lovelies! ( I hope I could look this beautiful on my someday special day!) don't they just take you away? *sigh*

unreal right? I love the headdress in the top right image


Wow...seriously thank you for your lovely heartfelt comments on my below post..

I was actually hesitant to write such an open type of post  but I'm so glad I did. I loved reading all your comments and empathising with your situations.

I would have never have thought my actions would have been thought of as brave (reckless yes! but brave?) truly I am really really touched by your kind words



So what you waiting for?

This time last year I quit a job a hated...this time the year before last I um..quit a job I really really hated..this time the year before the year before last I quit a job (I actually liked) to move to the city..

This time this year I am staying..(but that is ok!)

I hope that this time next year I will be doing the job I love.

Let me explain...I graduated 2007 and moved back home to a small town in west wales..I had split from a five year long relationship and didn't really know what I was doing with my life...I took a job in a local boutique which I loved..I got to to the window displays, order new lines and design the shop how I pleased. It was a really great job and definitely inspired me for what I wanted to do with my life..

In Sept/Oct 2008 I moved to Bristol..I struggled to find a job so pretty much took what I could get..(at the time it was a terrible type of chicken coop call centre). The people were actually really great and I made some good friends but every morning I walked to my cubicle along the beams of artificial light and windowless type warehouse I felt a little bit of me die..I knew I had to get out!

My best friend offered me a escape route of moving in with her in Newcastle so I gave my months notice and prepared to leave (with no money and no job to go to) everyone said I was mental to leave a job in this climate with nothing set up to go to..

In this month period I met Tom..(but that is another story )

I moved to Newcastle and worked part time in a cafe..I missed Tom, made my apologies to my friend (she understood) and moved back to Bristol after six weeks. I really struggled with the thought I was giving up to easy..but it didn't feel right. People said I was silly to up and leave again..I should stay in one place for a bit, stay at a job (or no one will employ me)..

I moved back down to Bristol and got a job in an office..for the first five months I had no money even for a bed (Tom lent me a blow up one) I commuted over two hours everyday and spend half my wages getting to my office..I had no time for illustration and although happy in my personal life I was unhappy at work..

In October 2009 Tom told me to leave my job, he would support me while I found somewhere closer to home and made me happier (and for this I am extremely grateful).

I got this job in December 2009 and although it is not my ideal job if I think back to what I was doing two years ago it is amazing! I work as a PA in a small office close to our home. I earn enough to buy the materials I need for my artwork and have time enough to work on the things I love.

My dream job would to be working as an illustrator and perhaps running my own shop. I know this is far off in the future but I do believe it will happen one day.

I know I have been very lucky with the breaks and support I have had in the past few years but I do believe that you have to take a leap once in a while. You only have one life and if you are not enjoying it..do something about it!

The above pics are of my leaving days at my previous jobs!

NB throughout this time I have not seeked help via benefits (even if I wanted to you cant if you quit your job!) Also I would like to say I know it is not easy for people to up and leave jobs when they have commitments, this post is purely directed at my own life and my belief that if you want to change your life, you should go for it! I hope my actions don't upset any one!



Music Crush

I use my phone as my MP3 player but I am pretty slack at remembering to change the albums I have on there. I cant put all my music on as I actually have three weeks of music on my Itunes (or so it tells me). So the other day I remembered to sync it (after like five months) and now I have a whole new bunch of tunes to listen too.

Thought I would share one of my favs :)

10 things I love Friday

Did you all have a good week?I hope so! Here are my 10 things I love Friday, enjoy!
Stanley Chow (I love this film too, will have to be part of my flicks I love sometime soon!)
                                  Andrew Smith
This dreamy picture from Lissy
This stunning illo by Erika Somogyi (it sorta reminds me of the illos you do with wax and and an iron, you know what I mean?)
This lovely illo from Julianna Swaney
and then you made me a mix tape..
This lovely print tree by Christina Song
cute :)
have a lovely weekend! oxox


Hello You Creatives

I was thrilled today to see my Marina illo in the 'Hello You Creatives' paper. I knew a while back they had selected me to go in the paper but hadn't actually seen it so that was really exiting!

At the moment only people in the industry have copies (as that's what the paper is for, to send out to industry peeps so they can see new artists) but a PDF version is going to be available soon, I cant wait to see all the amazing artists in there!...yay! xo


Christmas Cards - Now on Sale

At my shop, please check them out :) Thanks so much!

I Saw You

Hello, Hi there!

Just a little post to remind anyone that would like to take part in the 'I Saw You' project to feel free! If you would like to send your submissions to frithastrickland (at) hotmail dot com I would love love to see them! I know I have been very lazy recently, I keep meaning to do one of my ma and pa but somehow its never quite right...

Just in case you are new to the blog my little (just for fun) 'I Saw You' project (inspired by Venue magazine) is about depicting the moment you saw someone you really care about..it can be anyone even your pets! But I love to hear about those special moments when you see someone you just cant get out of your head :)

by the way I urge you to go look at the beautiful previous entries we have had!

Tigerlilly Loves

Sniffle Co I am in love with their accessories!


'The Notebook Inspired Engagement Photos'

Like most girls I'm sure, I LOVED 'The Notebook' in fact I was sobbing so hard when I watched it (alone) my flatmate at the time had to come into my room check I was ok! I love it for the following reasons..true love, beautiful settings and vintage clothes. Also for a closer to home reason that dementia is something I have had to see someone I loved have and to lose them to the disease....

So when I saw these Notebook inspired engagement photos I kind of drew a breath and sighed a little...so lovely..xo

Mad Men Rolling Stones Shoot *sigh*

I just love these pictures...love love love

It's cold outside!

It's pretty chilly out there today! xo

And what we wear is vintage clothes

Love Thomas Quinn XO


Ten things I love...um sunday

Photography Special 
Pomidoris, Poland

The cherry blossem girl

Maria Edwards
Celina David

I love photography as I love to make up little stories about every beautiful image and get lost in them....xo


(Just for fun)

The Lovely Faye West tagged me in this 'just for fun' cute question and answer session so I thought I would share :) p.s before you read on go check out her lovely illos, she is one talented lady xo

1. What would be your dream line up, dead or alive at a festival?
-OK well this is a bit of a funny one for me as (and I know this is really a bit weird..) I have never actually been to a festival :( boo..its kinda crazy as I love music and going to see bands etc but have just never got round to going!
-So my dream line up at my first ever festival would have to be..
Kate Bush
Janis Joplin
The Smashing Pumpkins
Lyke Li
Cassio Kids
The Knife
Architecture in Helsinki
The Cat Empire
The Postal Service
2. What item of clothing will you never throw away, and why?
-hmm good question! I have a tendency to horde my dresses anyway, I still have some clothes that I wore in school!It would probably be this one though..
image of me by Heidi Elton

3. What animal would you be? - Bush baby

4. What is the strangest dream/nightmare you've ever had?
- Oh gosh I don't know! I tend to have really messed ones if I'm honest. Also what ever I have been watching/talking about lots right before I go to bed kinda seeps into my dreams..Ive have to stop watching things with any bad things happening in them at bed time otherwise I'm like
Me: 'Tom! Tom! I had a dream that some had an affair with someone and then someone died and..'
Tom ' What? exactly what happened in Eastenders last night?
NB in this instance I am talking about Eastenders 10pm not like 7.30 ;)

5. Do you have a comfort film? And if you do, how many times have you watched it?
- (embarrassing) Moulin Rouge..the first time I watched it I watched it all over again..I have probably seen it like 20 times? which is ALOT for me as I like to watch and film and then only re-watch it a year or so later when I have forgotten it a bit..Close second would be 'Breakfast at Tiffanies' I know..typical right?

6. Which era would you prefer to live in? - Sixties but I think I am more suited to 50's fashion shapes and styles (like mad men dresses *sigh*)
7. Do you know a song off by heart? - umm Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry? Ha! :

I am going to send these questions to my pals Natasha, Danielle and Jade
(If you would like to play along, please blog your answers and link to your blog on the comments!Here are my questions) :

1, What are your biggest hopes and dreams?
2, When did you last laugh and why?
3, What is your favorite qoute?
4, When are you happiest?
5, If you wernt called .... what would your name be?
6, Who is your favorite artist?
and lastly
7,What song means the most to you and why?
Thanks for playing along! :) xoxo


10 funny habits + guilty pleasures...

Hiya!  I have lots of silly/embarrassing habits and guilty pleasures. I thought I would join in with Elsie's play along post. Enjoy!

  1. I spill/knock things over all the time..this drives the mister crazy! (but in my defence I am dyspraxic!)
  2. I get impulsive and want to do things right now...waiting for things drives me completely nuts! The problem with this is I get about 5 ideas about things I need/want to do at the same time!
  3. Am major over emotional/sensitive about the little things but when something serious happens I clam up/keep it to myself for aaaages..(unhealthy)
  4. I.am.addicted.to.tea..
  5. guilty pleasures..TV shows like The Hills, 'The only way is Essex' (new fav) and the OC
  6. Obsessions - I have a tendency to collect things..I like to horde (uh-oh!) at the moment it is vintage cat figures but it has been stickers, dunnys (the figurines ..not like ..toilets) ..homemade creatures..buttons..and lots lots more..
  7. Spend to much time on my Phone..tweet tweet! Tom says it is glued to my hand..I wish, would make it easier not trying to find it in my bag all the whole time
  8. Comfort food. By this I mean anything pasta (eat at least three times a week) Or jacket pots, burgers..chips..Mac cheese..lasagne, fried breakfasts..roast dinners..I am not a salad type of girl..by rights I should be kinda huge considering how much I eat :) I am hoping these good genes last!
  9. I bite my nails lots and lots especially in nervous situations...although I see this as a step up from sucking my thumb which I did until I was 13 :s it is something I'm trying to control though!
  10. My favourite meal is breakfast and I get crazy grumpy if I don't get it..hence early morning argument on Saturday when the mister suggested that it was nearly time for lunch anyway..whoa are you crazy? ;)
You wanna play along? What are your funny habits/guilty pleasures? xoxo

Balled OF Nanny Floff

Hey you guys!

I am so exited to tell you my super dooper amazing news. A while back I submitted to Balled Of magazine...

Balled Of (in their own words) are:

'The product of two Northern Art geeks based in our South London flat finding, publishing and drooling over art we heart. We (Lindsey & Claire) met studying photography at Blackpool, moved to London and decided to produce our own magazine and online exhibition space for brand new, emerging artists – if we love it, if its fresh and new, we publish it. Can’t wait to hear from you via email or snail mail, to contribute or to chat!

balladof.co.uk is the heart of everything we’ve got going on. Everything that we love, do and find flows through it. Ballad Of… in print is published bi annually, and Ballad Of…Presents holds regular events, exhibitions and collaborations. It’s all about getting what we love, seen. And it’s all about you lot getting involved.'

(To top it off they are pretty much the nicest people ever)

Balled Of is stocked in the following - RD Franks,Jumbo Records (Leeds), The Tate Modern, Compton News, Selfridges, Harrods (Waterstones), Terrys News Stand, Rococo, Lauries, M2 (Covent Garden), Press Bureau, Magma (Covent Garden), Artswords Bookshop (Shoreditch) & Soho Original.

And this is where (although you may guess where this is going) I tell you my submission was succesfull! My illustration is being used in the new 'Balled Of Nanny Floff' which is released on the 12th of November. I cant begin to tell you how I feel about having my work published, it is way to exiting!

 I just got my beautiful invite and cannot wait to meet everyone! :)

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