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The Lovely Faye West tagged me in this 'just for fun' cute question and answer session so I thought I would share :) p.s before you read on go check out her lovely illos, she is one talented lady xo

1. What would be your dream line up, dead or alive at a festival?
-OK well this is a bit of a funny one for me as (and I know this is really a bit weird..) I have never actually been to a festival :( boo..its kinda crazy as I love music and going to see bands etc but have just never got round to going!
-So my dream line up at my first ever festival would have to be..
Kate Bush
Janis Joplin
The Smashing Pumpkins
Lyke Li
Cassio Kids
The Knife
Architecture in Helsinki
The Cat Empire
The Postal Service
2. What item of clothing will you never throw away, and why?
-hmm good question! I have a tendency to horde my dresses anyway, I still have some clothes that I wore in school!It would probably be this one though..
image of me by Heidi Elton

3. What animal would you be? - Bush baby

4. What is the strangest dream/nightmare you've ever had?
- Oh gosh I don't know! I tend to have really messed ones if I'm honest. Also what ever I have been watching/talking about lots right before I go to bed kinda seeps into my dreams..Ive have to stop watching things with any bad things happening in them at bed time otherwise I'm like
Me: 'Tom! Tom! I had a dream that some had an affair with someone and then someone died and..'
Tom ' What? exactly what happened in Eastenders last night?
NB in this instance I am talking about Eastenders 10pm not like 7.30 ;)

5. Do you have a comfort film? And if you do, how many times have you watched it?
- (embarrassing) Moulin Rouge..the first time I watched it I watched it all over again..I have probably seen it like 20 times? which is ALOT for me as I like to watch and film and then only re-watch it a year or so later when I have forgotten it a bit..Close second would be 'Breakfast at Tiffanies' I know..typical right?

6. Which era would you prefer to live in? - Sixties but I think I am more suited to 50's fashion shapes and styles (like mad men dresses *sigh*)
7. Do you know a song off by heart? - umm Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry? Ha! :

I am going to send these questions to my pals Natasha, Danielle and Jade
(If you would like to play along, please blog your answers and link to your blog on the comments!Here are my questions) :

1, What are your biggest hopes and dreams?
2, When did you last laugh and why?
3, What is your favorite qoute?
4, When are you happiest?
5, If you wernt called .... what would your name be?
6, Who is your favorite artist?
and lastly
7,What song means the most to you and why?
Thanks for playing along! :) xoxo

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