Oh I almost forgot..

Did you know October is Vegetarian awareness and education month (quite a mouth full ey?)

I have been a veggie since forever (no like really I've never eaten meat, my whole family are veggie). Mostly I don't bother telling people for the following reasons:

  1. I forget that it is unusual..eating meat doesn't cross my mind
  2. I'm not sure why I would tell anyone my dietary requirements unless asked..be a bit weird if someone told you out right they didn't eat ..apples or something right?
  3. When it does come out I'm vegetarian I get bombarded with questions 'what do you eat?!' 'What does your boyfriend think!?' or ruder 'How long have you had that?' 'Poor you' (I know this will seem like I am no fun but if someone asks you if you want a steak sandwich/'Insert veggie related joke here' for the past 24 years it get a bit tiring...Also I get people defending why they eat meat/ what types they eat..Ok I know not everyone does that but you would be surprised..I find it kinda odd as I never asked about their diet/didn't wish to share what I had for dinner in the past week
  4. The other side of things is I go for a meal and it comes up that I am a vegetarian then well meaning friends will try and cancel/feel bad about eating meat in front of me!Cringe! I don't know why it has this effect, I wouldn't dream of asking someone to not eat meat in front of me! Each to their own and all that :)

That being said,being a vegetarian is very important to me. I don't (and wouldn't want to) preach the reasons why as I trust you are all intelligent enough to make your own life style choices and decisions! But if anyone is curious/wants to know more on the subject them please click here or here for more info!

'be the change you want to see in the world'

Oh and just for fun here are some famous vegetarians :)

Benjamin Franklin

Antoni Gaudi

Leo Tolstoy



Leonardo da Vinci


Albert Einstein

(I chose some clever ones rather than celebrities and rock stars)

Happy Vegetarian month! XOXO

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