So what you waiting for?

This time last year I quit a job a hated...this time the year before last I um..quit a job I really really hated..this time the year before the year before last I quit a job (I actually liked) to move to the city..

This time this year I am staying..(but that is ok!)

I hope that this time next year I will be doing the job I love.

Let me explain...I graduated 2007 and moved back home to a small town in west wales..I had split from a five year long relationship and didn't really know what I was doing with my life...I took a job in a local boutique which I loved..I got to to the window displays, order new lines and design the shop how I pleased. It was a really great job and definitely inspired me for what I wanted to do with my life..

In Sept/Oct 2008 I moved to Bristol..I struggled to find a job so pretty much took what I could get..(at the time it was a terrible type of chicken coop call centre). The people were actually really great and I made some good friends but every morning I walked to my cubicle along the beams of artificial light and windowless type warehouse I felt a little bit of me die..I knew I had to get out!

My best friend offered me a escape route of moving in with her in Newcastle so I gave my months notice and prepared to leave (with no money and no job to go to) everyone said I was mental to leave a job in this climate with nothing set up to go to..

In this month period I met Tom..(but that is another story )

I moved to Newcastle and worked part time in a cafe..I missed Tom, made my apologies to my friend (she understood) and moved back to Bristol after six weeks. I really struggled with the thought I was giving up to easy..but it didn't feel right. People said I was silly to up and leave again..I should stay in one place for a bit, stay at a job (or no one will employ me)..

I moved back down to Bristol and got a job in an office..for the first five months I had no money even for a bed (Tom lent me a blow up one) I commuted over two hours everyday and spend half my wages getting to my office..I had no time for illustration and although happy in my personal life I was unhappy at work..

In October 2009 Tom told me to leave my job, he would support me while I found somewhere closer to home and made me happier (and for this I am extremely grateful).

I got this job in December 2009 and although it is not my ideal job if I think back to what I was doing two years ago it is amazing! I work as a PA in a small office close to our home. I earn enough to buy the materials I need for my artwork and have time enough to work on the things I love.

My dream job would to be working as an illustrator and perhaps running my own shop. I know this is far off in the future but I do believe it will happen one day.

I know I have been very lucky with the breaks and support I have had in the past few years but I do believe that you have to take a leap once in a while. You only have one life and if you are not enjoying it..do something about it!

The above pics are of my leaving days at my previous jobs!

NB throughout this time I have not seeked help via benefits (even if I wanted to you cant if you quit your job!) Also I would like to say I know it is not easy for people to up and leave jobs when they have commitments, this post is purely directed at my own life and my belief that if you want to change your life, you should go for it! I hope my actions don't upset any one!



Neon Whispers said...

Oh Fritha I love this post!
What you have described reminds me of the situation I'm in (although I haven't moved around the country and had quite a few jobs haha). I recently quit my job which I once loved because they wouldn't accommodate my needs post graduation after everything I had done for them.

I moved jobs and after 2weeks am already fed up so plan on looking elsewhere for work in the near future... I too would love my own shop and remain optimistic that one day it will happen.
Your post has made me realise you need to do what's best for you and that things can work out :) Thanks for sharing the story!

Kayleigh xx
Sorry for the speech!

Unknown said...

Fritha, this is sooo inspiring, you've been through so much and I had no idea. It's given me hope I need to pull through being in the same situation at the moment, my job is ok, not great but the people are lovely although I earn less than enough to live on and I hardly see my boyfriend at the moment. But I think it makes you so much stronger to actually do the things you reeeally wanna do, it pushes you, cos if you're in a job that's like 'oooh this is alright, not too shabby, could get used to this' you have nothing to really aim for, nothing telling you 'is this really what you want?...is it?' so thanks for this post! Really inspirational lovely :) x x

Unknown said...

This is a lovely post and made me feel better this murky tuesday morning!
I've been in the same situation since uni (university does little to prepare you for the real world!) and have had a number of jobs I absolutely hated, I just refuse to settle for something I don't enjoy. (I did have one job in a art gallery I liked but the people I had to work for were horrible and it wasn't worth it)

Been thinking about heading to the bright lights of London, as much as I love Newcastle it's a tad limiting for what I want to do :(
Just have to stay positive and keep trying! :)

Mhairi-Stella said...

I'm in a similar boat, i quit my job of 2.5 years in march, i just felt stagnant. I graduated from uni in 2006 in illustration and have been bobbing from one thing to another quite lost. I too worked in a shop doing window displays for a year then, reception/office management work at a marketing agency hoping i'd get work in the design/studio it didnt happen. So i handed in my notice and decided t have a big change. I've swapped central london for quiet surrey and Ive been working away on my portfolio getting small jobs and trying to eek a living out of being an illustrator for the last 6 months. Its hard, i moves about 8 times around london feeling unsettled and restless. I think if you keep working at it, it will pay off. i live with my boyfriend now and have two lovely kitties. what is it with creative peeps and cats?

anyway keep working hard at it and i'm sure it will pay off. I think its really important to follow your heart!

Abby Illustration said...

Aww, it's lovely reading such heart felt posts, and it's so lovely to see you're in a better place then you were!
I haven't finished uni yet, so I haven't had to get a real job yet, I guess I need to remember that happiness is more important, and your post shows this! :)
It's lovely to see you have such a great, supportive boyfriend to help you too, I know without my boyfriend there is so much I would not have done or had the chance to do, and I am so grateful for that! :) :) xx

Jaymie said...

I totally understand where you are coming from with this post love!
When you feel that feeling in your heart you just can't continue!
You will get to where you want to I am sure of that :)
Jaymie x

Rebecca Parker said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Fritha, you were always such an inspiration to me before, but now I think you are my heroine! xxx

Lilies of the Field said...

enjoyed reading this. _NEEDED to read this. _hoping to do the same @ the end of this year.. . need a change. a BIG change.

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