Our weekend in pictures 08/11/2010

Thanks for all the cat stories!
This weekend we mostly..tidied, did house stuff, watched TV and chilled out.
source - Ashley G

I am very much a home body..I always have been, to the extent of being a bit unhealthily I guess..I once found a letter from my dad to my Naini (grandma) saying that (as a small child) I am most happy staying at home around my family..and drawing..lol don't think anything has changed apart from now my family live in a different country but my extra family are Tom and the cats (smiley face).

I get that its not OK to stay home all the time though, luckily I have a job I need to go to five days a week to force me out the house! And that's not to say I don't like going out and hanging out with my friends..maybe its a winter thing, do you get like this?
I guess its something I'm very conscious of, I had a semi nervous breakdown type thing in 2006 and didn't leave the house for six weeks! I was very lucky that my bestest pal basically got me though it but when i'm feeling all cosy warm inside and hesitant to leave I think 'oh noes..I hope I'm not getting ill again!'.I think maybe i'm a bit hard to live with..

Perhaps I shouldn't have wrote that, I'm not sure. I hope its not TMI (too much info) its always a tricky one when writing something about mental health. For example if I was to have written about the time I had meningitis it would create a completely different reaction but both are illnesses I had no control over, one physically, one mentally :) y'know?
anywaaays :) what else? Oh yes me and Maddie took a break from tiding to have a little nap (well I say she took a break from tidying it was more a break from collecting all her mice and rounding them up in a corner, busy work don't you know?) she kept patting me on the head
images from my craft room, whilst tidying!

oh and I had to post this one (an outtake of trying to get a picture of both of us together, but i kinda liked the colours, christmasy)

Hope you all had an ace weekend! Love Tigerlilly xoxo


naomi ryan said...

I just wanted young know that I feel exactly the same about home & wouldnmuch rather be in my pjs all warm & Cosy! I still suffer mental health problems & empathize with that 'should I have said that?' moments. Stay strong & be happy x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thankyou so much naomi!you too. Means a lot xoxo

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