K here's the thing..I like bicycles.
I think people should ride them instead of drive. In a small city like Bristol where you can basically walk to anywhere in no more than 45mins it is perfect. There really is no need to drive if you actually live in the city. Cycling is much greener and prettier and nicer...HOWEVER.

Here is why I have fallen out with cyclists:

Seeing a bike actually on the road is a rarity, the majority of people in Bristol drive on the pavement. I cannot count the amount of times I have jumped out of the way of a bicycle riding the pavement and apologise for being in the way before realising that I am not the one in the wrong!

The bicycles I have seen on the road drive through red lights and zebra crossings. I have been knocked over walking across the road on a green man to have a bike drive straight though the red light.

I never see cyclists with helmets anymore or helmets on their children.

Our train is always approx 10 mins late due to the amount of bicycles getting on and off and clogging up the gangway so no one can get off..

On this note, this morning a cyclist got on the train before everyone else could to put his bike by the doors of the train. He couldn't put his bike where he wanted as there was a man with a baby and a pushchair. He then proceeded to ask the man if he could move his push chair and baby so that he could put his bike there and wouldn't move until he had found a space leaving 15 people to wait on the platform before getting on.

OK rant over. I know there are tons of responsible cyclists and in an ideal world people would cycle more and drive less, I would love that! I would love to see less cars of the roads and the world a greener place but to do that it means you need to follow the rules like everyone else!


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