Happy Birthday Madog Gito

My baby brother turns double figures tomorrow! I can believe how quick that has gone.  
I was 15 when he was born and remember how pleased I was that he was born on a school day haha, for a good week I had crossed my fingers that he would arrive on a day when I had a lesson I hated or coursework to hand in, and he did me proud :) 
My mama had my baby brother at home in a birth pool so I met him seconds after he was born after being woken up by my dad to tell me he had arrived..yup I slept through it, must be a deep sleeper!
I have two younger sisters (as well as an older brother) who were all born at home and I have to say as a sibling its pretty nice to have your new brother and sister part of the home life straight away. We used to go out with my dad to get my mum some flowers or something after she had had a bit of a kip and then just carry on with normal home life. 
Anyways here are some pictures of him when he was a little/lot younger..but he still seems that way to me!

Happy birthday Madog Gito, I love you xoxo


Unknown said...

Aw happy birthday to your lil bro! Your family has such cool names

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks! x

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