Happy New Year

I hope that 2011 will be just the best (not that 2010 didn't treat me well, I just fell out with it a bit at the end).

My SIL is American (from South Carolina) and so today she is cooking 'hoppin' Johns and collar'd greens'. Eating it on new years day is supposed to bring you luck for the whole year. I did ask what this meal consists of and apparently it is black eyed peas and rice (the part that bring you luck) and the collard greens bring in money.

We are too late to do this this year but she is sending me the recipe for next year as I think that's a really fun tradition :)

I actually went to bed at 10.30 last night! (half an hour longer than I thought haha). Maybe next year I will make it to 12, who knows what this year will bring.

So without a hangover I thought today would be pretty productive...but no I woke up in a big thick mood instead..I just couldn't shake it. I am used to feeling sad now, and Tom is used to seeing me sad and comforting me. My emotions have been very up and down as expected, what I didn't expect was to feel cross. Usually I am a pretty much calm person I think and I'm not 100% what it is I am cross about really, but today I woke up grumpy and cross and it only really left me this evening..what a waste of a day!

Anyways, to make up for it I managed to put together two new tote bags this evening!

I will take proper pictures when I've finished them all as I have another eight to do! The tote bags are made from organic cotton and I used fabric paint to hand paint them :) That was fun!


I dont usually do new years resolutions, and I dont really have one now..maybe to be more productive? Tom says Rockie and Maddie have to have one. Rockie's is to lose weight..I know! He is a very big cat though, he eats his dinner, then Maddie's dinner and then sleeps..all day! So there maybe is something in trying to get him to a be a bit more active/eat less.

Maddie's resolution is to stop shedding hair on all my clothes..right Maddie?

I also thought I might partake in the 365 project that I saw on the dainty squid's blog. I will try my best to take a picture everyday, I think its such a fun idea! Here is my first for 01.01.11

Rockie the cat enjoying the new chair.

Hope you all had a good new years days, did you make any resolutions? xoxo

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Abby Illustration said...

I love the bags! So nice that they're hand painted too :)

I often feel moody/cross/sad without really knowing why. It's even worse when the boyfriend asks what's wrong and I can't give an answer. So very frustrating!

Also, love that the cats have resolutions! :) they're so adorable, I hope they keep to them ;) i'm going to try and get fit aha! hmm we'll see how that one goes!! xx

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