Le Smoke

The other day I was chatting to some friends and I figured out that I have been a 'non smoker' for five years which is the exact amount of time I was a smoker for! (I have been told it will take another five years for my body to go back to how it was before I started!)
It seems crazy to me now that I used to smoke. And I know whenever people find I used to be a smoker they are always surprised. I started smoking at 15 and quit at 20 (now I am 25). 

It was a pretty dum thing to ever start doing, but when your a teenager you do some silly things i guess! Anyways when we were tidying up on the weekend I came across these pictures so I thought I'd share! I was about 16/17 in these pictures and allways had a cigarette in my hand!

How funny are these pics! And umm how much of a poser! hehe
When I was about 23 I moved in with a friend who smoked and I started 'social smoking' occasionally, that was until Tom told me how gross he found it. Major wake up call! 

I know from experience as a smoker how annoying it is for non smokers to be so self righteous but honestly if you do smoke I guarantee that a few months after you give up you will be like 'hur? Why the hell did I do that?!' And it was the best decision I ever made.


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