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Recently (you may have noticed) I have been blogging more and more. This is a combination of two things, one I am finding just writing here very therapeutic and two its the holidays so I have a bunch more time to do things :)

I am back in work on Tuesday though (boo) I think having the extra time off (I had a week before xmas too as I was ill) has made it seem even harder to get back into the office. I am not much of an office bunny really, my ideal job would be to run my own boutique, I say my own shop as honestly I have worked in retail before and you really don't make enough to pay the bills usually. I do really like working in boutiques though, I love visual merchandising and I love putting together collections and I love talking to people about pretty things! I know there is alot more into owning your own business than this but this is the part I would love the most.

In an ideal situation I would have this and I would bring in my sketchbook and do some illustrations and draw lovely children's books at the same time, ha!

One day, One day ;)

Today the mister and I went for breakfast did some house work..we talked lots and listened to music (we didn't watch TV once!)

Here is my ornament collection :)
I am lucky to have a boy who likes my ornaments (or at least puts up with them!)

What else? Ah yes we played with the cats. Rockie and Maddie went outside in the garden for longer than two seconds! This is a bit of a big deal for them as they are 'lazy, not to bothered about much apart from eating and sleeping kinda cats'. They only went out with Tom and looked pretty worried about it but were very brave haha. Rockie used to be a show cat before we got him and Maddie was a breeding lady (poor them) so I don't think they really understand about 'outside'.

Dress - Primarni
Tights - Boots
Shrug - H&M
Broach - Vintage
Cats- Model's own

Oh and I did another photo for the 365 project (um they wont all be of my cats, promise!). I have done some more sketching recently but have no scanner to show you, will do some sneaky scanning at work this week!

If I am like this with my cats can you imagine what I will be like when we do have kiddies! I'll have to reel in the crazy proud mama 'take a million photos,guess what they did today!' kinda thing.

Loves, Tigerlilly xoxo


Abby Illustration said...

Oh my goodness, the picture of Maddie on the chair is amazing, she's so cute!

We (my mum, but I still like to think of hers as mine!) have birmans who used to be show cats, they're so pathetic when it comes to outdoors! Aww :) xx

Kayleigh Bluck said...

Fritha, your dream is my dream! A crafty little shop where I can sit at my pretty till and draw and chat to lovely customers who appreciate arts and crafts.. haha. One day indeed! xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

wish we all lived in the same city, we could set up our own collective shop! xo

pedigree cats are big sissies! x

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