My Hero (or Rockie Vs the Spider)

This morning just before we were about to leave for the train, I picked up my scarf and teased Rockie with it.....suddenly next to Rockie was the BIGGEST spider I have ever ever seen! (I can only assume it came from my scarf which makes me feel itchy and freaks me right out).

Anyway as I leaped onto the stairs (I am only this much of a wimp about spiders BTW, I love snakes, mice and rats) Rockie calmly put his paw in front of the spider and patted it a little so it stopped running and Tom could come in from the other room and scoop it up in a glass.

My hero!

I think if it would have been Maddie she would have gobbled it right up so lucky for the spider he met Rockie. xoxo

1 comment:

Abby Illustration said...

Aha this is amazing! :) what an amazing little (or big rather) cutie!!

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