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So me and Tom were a thinking the other day and we came up with this idea..I was thinking how much I love doing 'What I Wore today' posts as I love dressing up and love fashion and photography but something seemed to be missing. I think this is a much better idea as it incorporates everything I love!

Well that's the basic idea..I'm not sure if it would be better to draw the clothes and leave me as a photograph or visa versa, although personally I think I would have more fun drawing different outfits than my face all the time..

I have to say that I do love posing for photographs although it does feel like a very vain thing to do. I had a extremely short-lived 'career' as a model circa 2004-2008. (I feel I can sort of justifiably call it career as I have had more paid modelling jobs than illustration jobs, ha!) I mainly used to model in university for extra money (not that kinda modelling btw!) or to help out my photography pals. I did get to model for a couple of the fashion graduates and attended London graduate fashion week to see my pics blown up large scale..I wish I had those pics now but they are lost :(

At the end of my third year in uni I got a call from a modelling agency asking for me to visit them in London Town to get a portfolio done etc. After I had finished my studies my mama and I travelled up for the weekend and it was one of the best weekends of my life. It was a super dooper long day, but was fun to get styled and made up and the photographer was a really nice guy who told me that I was a really 'sweet' person and to 'never lose that'. I think that was his way of saying 'your a nice person, this isn't the industry for you!' Afterwards we went for dinner and I called my dad and brother and gushed to them about how amazing it was. I had this little fantasy about how I would move to London and make it big and have enough money to be able to provide for my family. The same fantasy I have these days about winning the lottery :)

Of course none of that transpired but I don't feel the slightest bit regretful about it. I know I'm not suited to work in the modelling industry, firstly without degrading myself I'm not striking enough, nor am I plain enough to be blank canvas. I am painfully shy and lacking in self confidence. Also on being approached at the Clothes Show age 19 and sent to the modelling stand, the photographer told me a was a little 'squat' and it basically ruined my day (for the record I am 5, 9..). 

Anyways I digress, but whilst we are on the subject I wanted to share with you some shots from my favourite photographer Rebecca Parker. I am so glad to have these beautiful pictures by her to show my grandchildren some day! 

I am the top right in first page and bottom left in the second :)

(Plus she has already agreed to take pics for me on my 'someday special day' (very far away in the future) which is pretty awesome as her pictures make me think of fairy tales and I'm sure she is destined for amazing things!)
 Well this has turned out to be a very long post! Hope you liked my waffling xoxo

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Rachel Clare Price said...

aw your photos are gorgeous, that must've been alot of fun!

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