What I Wore 27/02/2011

This is what I bought on our shopping trip yesterday. It was £155 reduced to £60 and then with Tom's magic discount it was £50. Which is still a lot of money of course, but is my treat to myself from my Paperchase sale :)

The dress is from Mina which I picked up when I worked in a boutique in West Wales and the bag is from Primark (£7) woo hoo! And that is what I wore today xoxo

Our Weekend in pictures 27/02/2011

So Friday could not come any sooner, I waited at the station as usual for Tom after work, just as the train pulled up and Tom came down the station steps we decided to turn straight around and go for a drink instead. It was a bit of a spontaneous thing that we haven't been doing of late..since buying the house, the period in which we thought we were having a baby and saving for our holiday etc we have been more and more careful with our money and going out. This weekend we kind of threw that out the window. 

We ended up staying out for a couple of drinks and getting some yummy tapas..it was kind of funny as we went to the same place on my 25th birthday but at the time I was suffering from morning all day sickness so couldn't enjoy the tapas very much..I truly indulged this time..and wine!

On Saturday we decided to go into Cabots to take a look at the sales and double student discount week, (so glad my mister is now a one day a week student!). We popped in on the way to spend some more new born baby time and see Tom's sister and brother-in-law. It was on my suggestion as I thought it would be a good idea, one because I genuinely love the little guy and two that seeing babies often would be good for me to learn to deal with things better..I guess maybe I don't know what my logic was in that..

A good friend who has experienced the same loss as us told me to watch out for it seeming like everyone I knew being pregnant or having a baby right now..um so with five of my close friends, fifteen acquaintances, and just about every celebrity expecting in the summer, its becoming a bit of a joke! At first the thought of having to congratulate my friends on their new arrivals seemed like an impossible task...not that I am not happy for them of course but with every pregnancy Facebook update it seems like a punch in the face..within the end of every week I feel pretty beaten up! 

I brought my dilemma to my mum, with a couple of my close friends having given birth in the last few weeks I wasn't sure exactly how I would react when I saw them..the thought of bursting into tears or not being able to even express happiness for them was working me up into a panic..my mum told me to be 'gracious and kind' and to think that with every nice sentiment and generous action I should award my self with a secret little point and see how many I can get. Oh how well my mum knows me! I am quite a competitive person so a little 'kindness competition' with myself is pretty much right up my street! 

I would like to point out that I truly truly am happy for all my friends and families new additions and love their little babies with genuine affection.  Its just sometimes when you leave those happy picture perfect situations you can become absorbed in your own loss..I know its indulgent and I could be braver but sometimes it feels good to feel so sad? 
Anyway Saturday afternoon seemed to be turning into one of those times that as I wallowed in my own thoughts. As soon as Tom had got how I was feeling out of me though we had a good chat over posh coffee and cheap breakfast and threw ourselves into retail therapy.

I was feeling a bit silly so decided to txt Tom my changing room pics to see if he liked, haha so much fun!

This is my normal outfit..I thought I would share as this is actually an old T Shirt design by me, do you like?

After a hard days shopping we went for 'a drink' at The Lanes, one of my favourite places in Bristol (I was going to have a bowling party there for my 25th but it was cancelled on the account of being knackered and not being able to drink any White Russian's anyway..and whats the point of that?). A drink turned into pizza and more drinks, again a spontaneous date night that we have been in serious lack of recently...it was JUST what I needed.

We chatted silly stuff and serious stuff and I felt about a million times better..I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend. I am so lucky to be loved by this man.

Thanks so much for reading xoxo


10 things I love Friday

Hello..yes I know its Saturday again, I'm a bad blogger :)
This week went so fast it was unreal! I was super busy at my office job as well as doing London Fashion Week illos (one of which is still due to be published to hopefully I will be able share soon) and also working on my illustrations for a children's book.
I recently met with the author of the book which made it all the more real about the project we are doing. I am the first to admit that I'm not so good with the whole publicity/business side of getting a book published but luckily he is it a million times more on the ball than me! Things are really starting to happen but let me tell you it is a LOT of hard work.
Also me and the Tea and Crayons girls have now got all our postcards and contacts for our mammoth mail out project. We are hopefully getting our badge and sticker order done this weekend and then we are adding individual tea bags and crayons in a cute little box to all our unsuspecting publication contacts!
So anywho without further adieu!
I just love this illo! 
urrm these needlepoint loafers!! uh-mazing
 Buffins and Tibbles! 
I am really loving the work of Katrin Wiehle 
you must you must you must or otherwise..what is the point?
really love this photo!
as do I love the above..something other worldly about it I think..
these sculptures by Troy Emery are brilliant I just love the colours
need to watch this film again as it is so beautiful 


Inspired by Glee

Ha! I thought I was due a little silliness.


Photo Dump

Yet another self indulgent post I'm afraid! I tried so hard all through January to do my 365 project...but have failed badly come February..I'm so annoyed with my self! Maybe I should have sent my self one a week instead?
 Other than myself (Tom doesn't like getting his picture taken too often so I try not to push it) and my cats I don't have that much to take pictures of...as sad as that sounds!
Ok I know that's not quite true I should be able to use my imagination and find interesting things to snap but seriously Monday to Friday my life is pretty much like this :
I eat my lunch at my desk a lot of the time to save on money and so that I can get a bit of sketch book work done in my hour break...
when we get home Tom puts his feet up and either reads the paper or a magazine for a bit to wind down...I watch crap TV (like 'stenders)
and then all of a sudden its bed time...
(Its always bedtime for this guy)

isn't he a bear?! I'm sure he actually is a bear cub in disguise..or a little Ewok..

Nos Da! xoxo

London Fashion Week Illos

Some people are able to think of really interesting titles for their blog posts..not me, ha..i tell it like it is.

So these are a couple of illustrations I did for Akeela's article of Lako Bukia's collection at London Fashion Week over at Amelia's. I have to say I am getting into fashion illustration more and more lately. 
Although my heart lies with children's illustrations really because I am just that kinda person..(I'm sure I cant remember a time when I didn't have baby fever). 
I am enjoying the wide variety of it all, and adding textures into my work is a fairly new thing..but I like! Hope you do too xoxo

Ethical Shopping list

Following on from the below post I thought I would share with you some ethical designers I have come across..and umm do a bit of 'window shopping' :)

This is pretty much my wish list from the website www.fashion-conscience.com. It has some great designers on there and although some of the prices are still fairly high they are equal to that of most of the high street today.

The sun dress is my absolute fav!
The next is a company I have just come across. Izzy Lane is one of the leading ethical brands in the UK. The 600 sheep they use to produce their wool are rare breed sheep that would have either been killed for being male, missing a pregnancy, being lame being too small or having imperfections such as a black spot on a white fleece. They will live their entire natural lives in a sanctuary in North Yorkshire and their wool is used for their fashion line..yay! Happy sheep! :)

such a pretty collection! xoxo

Ethical Fashion - Australian Wool

So I don't usually get very opinionated on my blog. I do of course have strong opinions on various topics, politics..music..cyclists who ride on the pavement...ok so I have got opinionated about that one! (and on that note I was pushed into the road again last night by a pavement riding cyclist, grr *shakes fist*).

But there is one subject I feel very very strongly about and that is animal rights.
As you may or may not know I don't eat meat, its lifestyle choice I have chosen for moral reasons and I pretty much will leave it at that. It is of no concern to me if other people eat meat or not, I'm certainly not going to get into the reasons I don't eat meat or try and convince anyone else not to. I'm sure you are all intelligent enough to do your own research and make your own decisions on what you do in your life :)

What I would like to talk about here though is ethical fashion . In particular the choices we can make to try and ensure that we are not contributing to animal cruelty.
Most of us I'm sure know that the buying or wearing of fur is wrong and unnecessary so I wont even get into that one. If you are unaware of the torture that goes into the fur industry then please take a look at this video - although I defy anyone to watch that and not cry :(
Some things you may not be aware of however (I certainly wasn't) are some of the other horrible practises on animals for the sake of fashion. I would like to state here that I am a vegetarian and not a vegan, I wear wool and leather and drink milk and eat eggs. However wearing wool is not as straight forward as you might think. I have to admit I thought it was pretty much 'the sheep get hot in the summer and they shear off their wool and its win win for both parties'. Not the case.

What I would like to highlight specifically in this post is the Australian wool industry and their practise of mulesing.
Mulesing - 'is a cruel mutilation. A process in which farmers carve off chunks of skin from lambs' backsides—often without giving the animals any anesthetic—in a misguided attempt to prevent flystrike, a condition in which maggots attack the sheep' - PETA
Basically the type of sheep breed in these areas of Australia are bred so that they produce a huge huge amount of wool (they look like huge cotton buds with tiny faces) which leads their skin to rot and attract maggot's to eat away at the infected and moldy skin, slowly eating the sheep alive. Farmers then use the practise of mulesing so that scar tissue if formed on these wounds that the flys can not get at it. This is not always effective though and even if it is..its chopping off chunks of flesh.. on live sheep guys!
There are humane alternatives to mulesing which many farmers use but it is not a quick option, it basically involves breeding the sheep with less wrinkly skin to produce sheep that would be more resistant to the flystrikes, this would take just two years.

Many companies such as  Hugo Boss, Perry Ellis, H&M, Express, The Gap, Inc., The Timberland Company, Patagonia, Liz Claiborne,and lots more have refused to buy Australian wool or from farms that use the mulesing practise.
It is so important to find out which companies are trying to buy ethically. I know its not always easy, I know that shopping in Howies or buying Stella McCartney is definitely not always an option. Hell I have loads of things from Primark in my wardrobe..I am FAR from perfect, but sometimes it takes a video
like this to wake up you to some of the terrible things that go into making the clothes we wear..

You may think that sheep may not be able to feel the same kind of fear or pain as humans, but believe me when they have chunks of flesh cut from them with no anesthetic they would feel it the same as you or I (umm they have a central nervous system). Also both Gresham Collage in London and the University of Bristol have released recent studies finding that sheep visibly express emotions and experience stress or isolation. They feel fear when they are separated from their social group or approached by strangers, and their heart rate increases by 20 beats per minute when unable to see members of their flock and 84 beats per minute when approached by a man or dog.

When these sheep begin to produce less wool, millions each year are loaded onto extremely crowded, multi tiered cargo ships and sent of terrifying journeys to the middle east or north Africa where animal welfare standards are much lower. The ones that survive this horrible journey then have their throats cut whilst still conscious and often left to bleed to death.

If you would like to find out more, please visit the
PETA website.

Thanks for reading xoxo
p.s no images for obvious reasons!


New Illustrations

After all this is what this blog is supposed to about isn't it?..Is It? I'm not sure..I think maybe it isn't supposed to be about anything, who knows? :)

Anyways I did this little illo for the Ballad Of 'Pet My Ballad' brief. I hope I get it in the magazine again but even if I don't I am happy to finally have had an excuse to draw one of my kitty cats.
They do dream of fish but unfortunately they are mostly only aloud crispies..and diet crispies for Rockie..poor Rockie.


Our weekend in pictures 20/02/2011

This weekend we :
Saturday - Got up late late late, drank tea and more tea..played with the cats, watched TV and did some photos (thank you Tom) ate lots of food and watched 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World' again as it is such an amazing film!
Sunday - we went to meet Tom's new nephew, he was very very sweet.
And that was our weekend, very chilled and lovely and lazy. Hope you all had a good one! xoxo

Regional Dialect Meme Video!

So I saw this idea over here and thought it would be fun to give it a go! I have been thinking for some time that a little video would be a cute idea and I always find it interesting to hear what people sound like! 

Recently I had a watch of a couple of my Tea and Crayons pals interviews over on Amelia's magazine on the launch of her new fashion illustration book. Even though I talk to these girls loads via email, twitter and skype chat I had never heard them talk! I was so impressed with how put together and concise they were, I know that I have the voice of a child and ummm and ahhh all over the place!

Anyways I thought I would do this little Regional Dialect Meme *just for fun*. This is how it works:

Say these words:
Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

Now answer these questions:
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

If you decide to give it a go over on your blog then please leave a link below. I would love to see what you all sound like too! :) xoxo


What I wore 18/02/2011

What I wore today. It was cold and rainy...I Henna'd my own hair and cut my own fringe..cutting costs!I think it worked out ok.
I got this dress in Barcelona on sale in Mango, its a really comfy fit (although I did have to get a size up then I usually would). But is more of a summer dress than one to wear in February! However you can always layer :)
The bag is made of beads and was £2.99 from a Whiteladies road charity shop. It reminds me of the little beaded purses I would have as a little girl.
Taken pictures and having them taken of me is in top five things I love doing best..ever. I think it maybe comes around number 55 for Tom. This is another reason I am thankful for him and his patience.
Dress - Mango Barcelona
Cardigan - H&M
Tights - Primark
Headband - Primark
Bag - Charity Shop
Shoes - Irregular Choice 

Two birds on a wire One tries to fly away

Good afternoon Saturday
I thought I would share a few more pics of our Barcelona holiday. These are some Instagrams of the Gothic Quarter, such pretty building and bars.

The picture above is from a globe shop, I really wanted to go in but they only sold wholesale! How funny a whole shop of globes and your not aloud to buy any.
Isn't it funny how when you come back from holiday you reminisce on how beautiful it was or how free of care and worries. But when you are there you sort of don't appreciate it enough. Well I guess thats life in general isn't it, all we are are our memories. xoxo

10 things I love Friday

Or saturday..

Well this week went super dooper fast (which I am glad of in a way) but am also reminded of how much stuff I have to do and how little time I have to do it!
After our Barcelona holiday we are both pretty skint so we are staying in this weekend, drinking tea, surfing the net, tidying the house and (me) watching the rest of season four of 'Mad Men'...lush! Anyway these are some things I have been loving this week!

This print because it reminds me of all the things my mister likes haha! He has recently started back at school one day a week on an accountancy course, I am so proud of him and his student discount (Topshop here we come) 

Wow I love love love these illos by Brendan Wenzel, so colourful and expressive and lovely 

This lovely Illo..the colours are so perfect

Wise words..

This print reminds me of the lovely city I live in and all its balloon fiestas 

because its funny :)

LOVE this print and love this film, I found this on weheartit with no credit to who the artist is so if anyone knows please tell! :)

hehe SO a Harry Potter geek although I love the books waaay more than the films (I haven't even seen the last two so I dont suppose I can actually call myself a geek). I read the last book in three days and openly cried in a cafe reading..well you know 'that bit'...*sob*

Vintage pattern covers, when we were in Barcelona we saw some really lovely pages at a flee market from a pattern book. They were a bit too expensive for us but would love to have some framed around the  house!

For my last 'ten things' I actually thought about having in its own little post as it was so amazing. I found this lady's site through Bluebird Vintage and I think the idea is brilliant! Irena Werning's 'Back to the Future' project is all about taking old family images and recreating the exact image but in the future..get it? Well I'll show you some of my favourites :

told you they were ace! I would love to do this with some my old family pics :)
Have a great weekend y'all! xoxo

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