Our Weekend in pictures 27/02/2011

So Friday could not come any sooner, I waited at the station as usual for Tom after work, just as the train pulled up and Tom came down the station steps we decided to turn straight around and go for a drink instead. It was a bit of a spontaneous thing that we haven't been doing of late..since buying the house, the period in which we thought we were having a baby and saving for our holiday etc we have been more and more careful with our money and going out. This weekend we kind of threw that out the window. 

We ended up staying out for a couple of drinks and getting some yummy tapas..it was kind of funny as we went to the same place on my 25th birthday but at the time I was suffering from morning all day sickness so couldn't enjoy the tapas very much..I truly indulged this time..and wine!

On Saturday we decided to go into Cabots to take a look at the sales and double student discount week, (so glad my mister is now a one day a week student!). We popped in on the way to spend some more new born baby time and see Tom's sister and brother-in-law. It was on my suggestion as I thought it would be a good idea, one because I genuinely love the little guy and two that seeing babies often would be good for me to learn to deal with things better..I guess maybe I don't know what my logic was in that..

A good friend who has experienced the same loss as us told me to watch out for it seeming like everyone I knew being pregnant or having a baby right now..um so with five of my close friends, fifteen acquaintances, and just about every celebrity expecting in the summer, its becoming a bit of a joke! At first the thought of having to congratulate my friends on their new arrivals seemed like an impossible task...not that I am not happy for them of course but with every pregnancy Facebook update it seems like a punch in the face..within the end of every week I feel pretty beaten up! 

I brought my dilemma to my mum, with a couple of my close friends having given birth in the last few weeks I wasn't sure exactly how I would react when I saw them..the thought of bursting into tears or not being able to even express happiness for them was working me up into a panic..my mum told me to be 'gracious and kind' and to think that with every nice sentiment and generous action I should award my self with a secret little point and see how many I can get. Oh how well my mum knows me! I am quite a competitive person so a little 'kindness competition' with myself is pretty much right up my street! 

I would like to point out that I truly truly am happy for all my friends and families new additions and love their little babies with genuine affection.  Its just sometimes when you leave those happy picture perfect situations you can become absorbed in your own loss..I know its indulgent and I could be braver but sometimes it feels good to feel so sad? 
Anyway Saturday afternoon seemed to be turning into one of those times that as I wallowed in my own thoughts. As soon as Tom had got how I was feeling out of me though we had a good chat over posh coffee and cheap breakfast and threw ourselves into retail therapy.

I was feeling a bit silly so decided to txt Tom my changing room pics to see if he liked, haha so much fun!

This is my normal outfit..I thought I would share as this is actually an old T Shirt design by me, do you like?

After a hard days shopping we went for 'a drink' at The Lanes, one of my favourite places in Bristol (I was going to have a bowling party there for my 25th but it was cancelled on the account of being knackered and not being able to drink any White Russian's anyway..and whats the point of that?). A drink turned into pizza and more drinks, again a spontaneous date night that we have been in serious lack of recently...it was JUST what I needed.

We chatted silly stuff and serious stuff and I felt about a million times better..I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend. I am so lucky to be loved by this man.

Thanks so much for reading xoxo


Anonymous said...

I love reading about you and your boyfriend on your blog! He sounds perfect! Im lucky that Ive also fallen in love with my best friend and it makes things so much easier in a relationship. Keep writing about these happy moments as they make me smile :)!

P.s. you have lovely eye-lashes! Is that a weird thing to complement?!

Neon Whispers said...

Such a lovely and honest post Fritha - I can imagine that I would feel the same re: babies and your loss..
You've inspired me for more 'date nights' too, so thanks! Keep smiling my lovely xx

Gavin said...

Hi Fritha. For someone who was supposedly dyslexic a few years or so back, I am seriously impressed by your blog! And I am also seriously impressed by just how much & how well you are making your life work for you. Excellent!!! PS Didn't know you'd bought a house! Where is it???

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@thesketchbookartist thanks for the eye-lash compliment haha! :) my bf is the best, although I know how slushy mushy it sounds to say!
@Kay thanks lovely and yes date nights are SO important!
@Gavin hello! Yes spell checker is a life saver and many many corrections before I publish (I still have many errors then I'm sure) thanks for the compliments, I am working v hard but I am making things happen for me slowly put surely and its the best feeling! We bought a house in Easton! :D

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