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Yesterday evening instead of slumping in front of the TV as usual we finally put up curtains on the second window in the living room! 
AND Tom made Maddie's feeding box, whats a feeding box you ask? WELL I'll tell you. Rockie and Maddie are (rescue) pedigree British Shorthair cats which means they are prone to obesity :( They are SO un-motivated to run around/go outside/explore they basically just sleeep all day. To be honest they very rarely get hungry and we feed them a small amount twice a day..but still Rockie is overweight poor thing...we decided to put him on diet cat food but he ends up eating that (which he likes) and then finishing off Maddie's too! So basically the only thing we can do to manage Rockie's eating is to create a special feeding box for Maddie.
Tom got the idea from IKEA hacker to get a little wooden storage type box (like the sort you put your laundry in) and cut out a little Maddie sized hole for her to get in and eat without Rockie cat gobbling all her crispies up! So far so good! Although of course when Tom was building it Rockie decided he really really wanted to just sit in it a bit (he loves boxes).
I dont ever really need to have an excuse to take pictures of my kitties but as we are talking about them..
Friday tomorrow lovelies! :D xoxo

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Rachel said...

Your cats are soooo pretty! How do you get anything done without just smooching them every other second?!

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