Meeting Twitter Pals and a Flying House

So Yesterday was Monday..usually Monday for me involves a sleepy grumpy starts, work from 9-5.30..home..Glee then bed! 

View from my desk
But this Monday was different as I met up with Nancy, Emily and her lovely boyfriend Adam (they are my favourite couple at the moment, ha!) I have spoken with Nancy and Emily for quite a while on Twitter and so when Emily said her and her boyfriend were driving though Bristol and would we both like to meet up I of course said yes. 
I have met up in real life before with one person I know through Twitter. Martin from Bristol Culture won a giveaway a while back and so instead of posting him his prizes he asked if I wanted to meet for coffee instead.
Martin and I agreed to meet at The Arts House cafe on Stokes Croft. I am always 100% punctual and so I got there fifteen minutes early and found it was closed! The only contact details I had for him was his twitter so I sent him a message saying I had gone into the cafe next door. Well obviously not everyone has ponce phones so he didn't get the message! Turns out The Arts House opens at 12 on a Sunday so Martin went and sat in there for 10 minutes before luckily popping in next door and spotting me! (I felt so bad I can tell you).

So this time luckily we all exchanged mobile numbers! Nancy met me outside my work at 5.30 which was a big help as I didn't actually recognise her from her profile picture, (I'm not sure why but I was looking for someone with brown and not blond hair). And then Emily and Adam showed up shortly after to join us at the Deco Lounge. I have to say I did feel a little nervous about if we would get on in 'real life' but we all got on great immediately and had lots in common! 

I'm sure if I heard about people 'making friends on the internet' even a year ago I would be a bit like..'umm that's a bit sad isn't it?' But actually once you've left school/university the main place you make new friends is at work and if you work in an office of..well one other person essentially then it gets a little hard. It stands to reason that if you share the same interests and chat often (even be it via the world wide web) then you would like each other in real life! I'm so glad we did!
I am meeting up with some more Bristol bloggers later this month! I'm exited!
And here comes the second part of this blog post..I saw this in an article in the Metro..and I was 'blown away' yeeeer I'm a lamo. Anyways, SO beautiful! 

You can read the article about how and why and who here xoxo


Unknown said...

I probably would've said the same thing about having internet pals being quite 'sad' but I also work in an office with pretty much just myself to talk to most days, but some of my favourite people are online!
I've met a few people from the online world before and they've all been as super nice as they are on the internet :)

Hopefully us t&c girls can meet up one day soon xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Yes cant wait till we all meet! :) x

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