My Favourite Iphone Apps

I know a couple of blog have been doing this recently but I thought I would share with you my favourite Iphone apps. You never know there may be one or two you hadn't heard of. If you don't have an Iphone then I hope you just enjoy the pictures! :)
My first and favourite Iphone App is Instagram. Whilst it may not be the best for effects it is a the only photography app I know of that lets you share pictures instantly with other Instagram members and therefore has a sort of community feel to it that you get with applications such as Twitter. These are some of the effects you can get with this app.

The next is an old favourite of mine, Lightbox it is great for things like saturated colours or analog effects such as Diana or Lomographic effects but mainly I just use the 'cross Process' effect.
Picture Show is a fairly new app for me but creates fun effects like this, the effects are pretty extreme so are only really good for really dramatic retro photos like this..
Another good app is Quad Camera which does similar photos to the one above. You can set how fast the speed is or the layout or strength of the effect.
I can get a little addicted to taking pictures of my Rockstar cat
He's the best and biggest bear cat ever!
And last but not least one just for fun, Labelbox..which does sill things like this..

Well those are my favourite of the moment photography Iphone apps! Have fun! 
p.s what are your favourite apps? xoxo


Whimsically Random said...

Those are so cool now I really want an iphone so bad! I'll have to make do with my little nokias for now and toycamera app of course :)

Rachel said...

Aah I love instagram and lightbox! Do you have hipstomatic? its v similar to instagram just more options and films, creates some nifty effects :)


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Avril, honestly so sad but I cant live without mine!

Rach, Yes I have hipsomatic, it used to be my favourite but I never use it now because it takes SO long to develop the photo! Plus you cant load your own? x

tea & crayons said...
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