Our Weekend In Pictures 06/03/2011

As I just wrote this date I realised just how far along in the year we are already! 
I remember thinking a few months ago how I just wanted to skip forward three months and here we are already!
Anyways on Saturday I travelled to Birmingham to visit my mama. She doesn't live in Birmingham she lives in Wales but Birmingham is kind of half way for us both and so a feasible meet up point.
We went to the travel show and we saw the cutest creatures!
But mainly it was just nice to catch up with my mum! 
Today we were meant to be doing house stuff...well its still only 4pm so that still could happen (umm yer right!) instead we strolled on down to Trinity to go look at a Flea Market. 
Trinity is a converted church that is now a music venue..it was also the place where Tom and I had our first kiss. I was telling him about my childhood pet rats and he told me he thought I was lovely,ha!
There were some nice pieces at the market but it was super overpriced. I think that's the annoying thing about vintage stalls nowadays, people know they can charge really high prices as someone will pay that much. It takes the fun out of finding bargains. I am lucky I work near some amazing charity shops though so I can still find great pieces like...THIS!
Oh my isn't it amazing! Its a globe lamp! found for an amazing £6, now that is a bargain :) and doesn't boyfriend look all cute and seventies :)
I will be back later with the results of my giveaway! Thanks so much in advance for entering! xoxo

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