Our home and the worlds hardest Jigsaw puzzle

So following on from the Bruce story (that I'm so glad you all liked btw - poor Bruce he will never know he became so popular for a minute). The table arrived and it is SO nice. I haven't taken proper pictures yet as it was dark and I only have my phone camera at the moment.
After the table arrived we had a burst of energy to put up some stuff so we put up our cardboard deer and bull heads we got from
here. We like um :)
These are in our dinning room, above our new table :)
I think sometime soon I may be able to do a room tour of our living/dining room as it is nearly finished!
Other exiting things we did that evening was to start doing this jigsaw!
hahaha yes I am an old lady in a 25 year old body, I'm hoping someday soon someone will buy me an electric slipper. Tom drank banana beer and told me about the plot lines to his favorite eighties sci fi movies and we listened to 'Future Of The Left'.Perfect evening!
 If you want to check out who they are see below. Tom and I went to see them last summer at the Thekla in Bristol (I boat that is a music venue, its one of my favourite places). Actually I urge you to watch this video as it involves a 'very pretty pussy cat' Happy Friday! xoxo


Rachel Lewis said...

I am literally jealous of your life.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

it was the jigsaw right? :p xo

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