The Park

Lately, (well so far once, this morning, but I am hoping to make it a habit) I have taken to walking around my local park first thing in the morning. Its a pretty amazing time to be in the park as you see SO many different types of people, this morning I saw a man teaching his wife (who was wearing a full Shaw Kameez) how to ride a bicycle, the runners and the early dog walkers. Walking in the early morning sun makes you think about all the possibilities for the day (even if in reality you do just spend it lazing in the sun/the couch) 

In the afternoon we took a trip to our local supermarket to pick up some fruit, I turned my head for a split second and someone stole my jacket from my trolley! It didn't have anything in the pockets so I didn't lose anything valuable but it was still quite a horrible thing to happen. 
I tried to do a little sketch book work in the afternoon but I fell asleep shortly after..
And that was my Saturday! How was yours? Did you all watch the wedding yesterday? xoxo


Emmi said...

I've started going to a park around the corner every day when I'm starting on a new illustration and need to draw by hand. It's so nice to take a little break like that from your computer and go outside for a while, even if it would mean working at the same time. :) And I definitely agree - you do see a lot of interesting characters there!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks for the comment Emmi! I love your blog :) x

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