20 Weeks!

Yes I am officially half way! I'm feeling better than ever (apart from tired and hot but hey it is summer) I'm actually really enjoying being pregnant now. Those 13 weeks on nonstop sickness seem like a distant memory..ok so not quite..but I can imagine them being eventually! The other day Tom and I were waiting for our train and a lady with her toddler made a remark about something and smiled and said to me 'you'll be dealing with this soon enough'. Afterwards I was like 'Tom! Tom! That lady knew i was pregnant!' to which Tom called me a narna and said it was pretty obvious I was. It's nice now though that people can see I am and not just chubby!
I thought it would be fun to look back on the previous pictures (from 12 weeks onwards) to see how much I have changed.

all the way to now! half way! we celebrated with cheese and celery sandwiches at Brandon Hill and brinner for dinner xoxo

p.s thanks to Abigail for lending me the dress in my 20 week photos! 


Hi, Hello, Hiya!

Sorry for the sporadic posting. Things seem to have got a little crazy busy of late!
Late week I had the most fantastic commission and I have mainly been working on that for most of the weekend. I cant wait to share with you when it is finally in print!
I've also been working on a few bits and pieces for various projects but nothing is finished to put up yet..here is some work in progress if you are interested!

Other news is that I officially felt mango baby move on Friday :) Tom put on some records and was dancing about with the cats and suddenly it was kicking a go go! My first thought was 'yay he likes good music!'. We are hoping to get some good headphones to put on my tummy and play him lots more tunes for him to have a good dance about.
I also went to my first Aqua Aerobics class last night with
Abigail (check out her blog and cute baba) which was so much fun. Just being in the water was amazing, amazing, I knew that I should go sooner or later as I now get free swims but after last night I cant wait to get in the pool again. Also the sun is shinning like a crazy and all I can think of is cool water *sigh*.
I had been feeling great after my long weekend off work but returning on Monday brought on headaches (which thankfully left me for swim class) but returned at bedtime..I got about three hours sleep in total, whilst stumbling to the bathroom I tripped over and bruised and grazed my arm but luckily didn't hit my tummy at all. I really truly cannot wait to leave this tiny stuffy little office with its headache inducing computers and painful desk chairs..half way there! xoxo


Pictures of Baby Boy!

Yesterday was the best day ever. To find out our baby is perfect and healthy and well. And to find out if it was a girl or a boy! Its so nice to know as I feel like I can connect with it him! even more now. We already have a name picked out but are going to keep it secret for now (apart from a few close family members). As we...ahem..I share so much of our lives either through this blog or just with friends it's nice to have something that is just ours. But please please no one ever ask me to keep a secret again..I just cant do it!! xoxo


19 Weeks

I was 19 weeks yesterday but I thought I'd wait until today as we had our scan...and...its a boy!
The Magpies don't lie! 

Oh yer, and Tom came home with flowers and I dressed up as a cowgirl just for fun! xoxo


Happy Birthday Thomas Quinn!

Happy Birthday Mister Quinn.
We love you so much
Love Fritha, Rockie, Maddie and baby Sweet Potato xoxo



My little brother Madog Gito is pretty much the cutest little boy ever..I'm sure if I have a boy baby I will change my mind but for now he holds the title.
Here are some pictures of him and his owl Gwdihw, the outfits are all made by Madog
Gwdihw in his waterproof raincoat
Gwdihw in bed reading his book
Gwdihw and his friend Hamster (they were having a sleep over, Gwdihw in his sleeping bag and Hamster on the sofa)
Gwdihw with his 3D glasses

Madog next to Gwdihw's flat
Gwdihiw the pirate
Hamster went out in his boat on the bird-bath - it capsized ... here he is being comforted by Gwdihw after his rescue
and whilst I'm on the subject of little Madog Gito I thought I would share some of his illustrations from a few years back (aged 7)


Baby at 18 Weeks

A little late again!

We took the above pictures at lunch today by Tom's work. I hadn't seen this Gorilla before so I thought it could share my picture :)
So I was finding everything a little more snug this past week, we went to Mothercare so I could get fitted for a new bra size and found out I am now three sizes bigger than the size I was before! Wowzers no wonder it was uncomfortable! I also found that the dress I had got for Tom sisters wedding in two weeks is now far too small (in the chest area I had somehow not accounted for this). The other thing that is new this week is stretch marks! I now have them on my thighs and my boobs, I have been piling on the bio oil but to no avail. Ah well these things happen!
This time next week we are having our next scan and will hopefully find out if its a boy or a girl! Im so excited! I honestly have no idea really but I did have two dreams it was a boy..I'll let you know! xoxo

Company Magazine - High Street Edit Illustration Comp: The Finalists!

I am super thrilled to be part of the final five of this amazing competition! But also SO SO happy that another two of the talented Tea and Crayons ladies are there too!
Here are our mine, Abby's and Natasha's entries. Keep your fingers crossed for a crayonette win! xoxo

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