19 Weeks

I was 19 weeks yesterday but I thought I'd wait until today as we had our scan...and...its a boy!
The Magpies don't lie! 

Oh yer, and Tom came home with flowers and I dressed up as a cowgirl just for fun! xoxo


abigailemily said...

hooray! this made me well up a little bit! that and i'm watching one born every minute usa...i'm so excited for you!

it's crazy you are having a boy! so so many boys, but they are the best!

Kye Sangha said...

Boys are so fun! You miss out on the pretty dresses & hair ties but gain some crazy exuberance! Congrats!!

Joanna said...

yay for a little boy! Mersi will have so many suitors to choose from. Happy 19 weeks! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Abigail aww thats so sweet, isnt OBEM USA a bit mental! they do things so different over there it seems
@Kye true,missing out on the pretty dresses was one of the things I thought about but little boys are so cute!
@Joanna yes she will! hehe and I dont doubt for one second she wont have boys falling over their feet for her for her whole life! x

SMS Style said...

Aww congratulations lovely! Have been following this page for a while, so am v v v happy for you.

Lots of love, Anna
www.southmoltonststyle.com xx

Bianca said...

Sooo soo happy for you! And it means I can get started on ideas for my sewing project! :) I just love these photos, are you using your swish new camera per chance? x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@anna, aww thankyou!
@bianca eeee! I'm so excited, thanks again! I love your work. And yes swishy new camera (although we have it on auto at the moment as we havnt really learnt about the other buttons!)

Isle of Tea said...

Soooo wonderful! And cute!! Congratulations!! x

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