Hi, Hello, Hiya!

Sorry for the sporadic posting. Things seem to have got a little crazy busy of late!
Late week I had the most fantastic commission and I have mainly been working on that for most of the weekend. I cant wait to share with you when it is finally in print!
I've also been working on a few bits and pieces for various projects but nothing is finished to put up yet..here is some work in progress if you are interested!

Other news is that I officially felt mango baby move on Friday :) Tom put on some records and was dancing about with the cats and suddenly it was kicking a go go! My first thought was 'yay he likes good music!'. We are hoping to get some good headphones to put on my tummy and play him lots more tunes for him to have a good dance about.
I also went to my first Aqua Aerobics class last night with
Abigail (check out her blog and cute baba) which was so much fun. Just being in the water was amazing, amazing, I knew that I should go sooner or later as I now get free swims but after last night I cant wait to get in the pool again. Also the sun is shinning like a crazy and all I can think of is cool water *sigh*.
I had been feeling great after my long weekend off work but returning on Monday brought on headaches (which thankfully left me for swim class) but returned at bedtime..I got about three hours sleep in total, whilst stumbling to the bathroom I tripped over and bruised and grazed my arm but luckily didn't hit my tummy at all. I really truly cannot wait to leave this tiny stuffy little office with its headache inducing computers and painful desk chairs..half way there! xoxo


Kim Jenkins said...

Loving the illo soo far!

Urgh it sucks about your migraines, I had the same when I was pregnant and unfortunately I didn't find a magic cure I could tell you about =/.

Perhaps getting a fan for work would help? Keep you cool?

Isn't it a lovely feeling when you feel the baby move? I loved it, it's impossible to describe to people as well, that was my favourite part of the whole pregnancy, just knowing that the bump was moving and only you really knew about it :) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Kim!

Yer I dont think working infront of a computer helps :( although I have found those cooling strips very helpful!
And yes I have forced my work to buy me a fan!
Its great, I'm not feeling it all the time yet just like once a day or so so far but looking forward to more! xx

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