Pregnancy Yoga take two

without a relevant picture I'll just resort to one of me
So thanks to Kimberly I learnt that I am able to take some time out of work for pregnancy related classes! The pregnancy yoga near my work starts at 5.30 and as I finish at this time I didn't think it was a possibility. I broached the subject with my boss who said as long as someone was in to cover my last 20 mins on a Wednesday then I can go, this means I cant always make it but its a huge improvement.
I rushed to my class yesterday and got there with five mins to spare to quickly get changed and grab a mat. A couple of other women arrived at the same time as me and I quickly assessed that they are either the type of people who don't have huge bumps or they are around the same stage as me (I was right) the other ten or so women were all in their last ten weeks or so and I would guess in the age range of about 35-40. The other two I would place at late twenties/early thirties, so I was the youngest by a fair bit. I'm not sure if this is because of where my class is (wealthy part of Bristol) or not, I do wonder if I took a class closer to home there would be younger people but they are not at a convenient time.
I am finding it quite hard really but that's only to be expected, as I am probably THE most unflexible person ever. The ladies who were 35 weeks could do way more moves than me and I couldn't even master standing on one leg without holding onto the wall. That being said I can see why it is going to be very useful in later stages and umm D Day!
I have been feeling fairly calm about the whole giving birth part of it so far but not being able to even do the most basic moves without feeling knackered has made me a bit nervy of how I will cope physically..good thing I'm starting to limber up now I suppose!
#note I would also like to thank Kimberly for being so generous to me in my pregnancy so far. Since talking on twitter we have since met up and she has helped me feel at ease with lots of issues, whether it be the moaning about peoples attitudes towards being a pregnant veggie, co sleeping and breastfeeding. She has also been kind enough to lend me some beautiful maternity clothes and her Doppler! So thanks again Kimberly!
And without sounding like an acceptance speach I would also like thank Jo and Abigail for being so supportive too! People are so kind sometimes :) xoxo


Jess said...

swimming is great in pregnancy too, especially if you aren't the bendy type ;)

I co-slept with my daughter, my son however seemed to like his own space to wriggle like a worm all night.;)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog at the moment. When you first starting posting about your pregnancy I read with envy as we were uncertain if I could cenceive due to childhood leukaemia, but I soon found out (after asking the doctor for fertility tests) that I was actually 4 weeks pregnant. I'm 7 weeks now & super excited! I hope you're having a good pregnancy so far, I think you're very brave to be taking on the yoga. I'm far too tired for that kind of effort at the moment. x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil yes I think I will take up some aqua aerobics soon! Thats so nice to hear that you co-slept with your daughter and yes I think it must be very much what they prefer so we'll see how it all goes!
@Michelle wow! congrats! I'm so happy for you :) how are you feeling at the moment? I defo couldnt have done ANY exercise the first 14 weeks or so as I was knackered! x

Anonymous said...

Aww thank you! I'm feeling ok so far, just super tired. I have heightened smell and keep smelling bins which is unpleasant but my new friend is our lavendar hand soap which smells yummy. At the minute i'm just taking it easy. I'm blogging about everything if you fancy a read :)

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