The Three Foxes

One of my favourite things to do now a days is to go to Oxfam bookshop on my lunch break and build up my children's book collection. Its great to finally have an excuse!
The top picture is of a book by Brain Wildsmith called 'Squirrels' that I hadn't come across before but I love the illustrations. I also picked up 'When we were young' by A.A Milne, I got all excited reading though some of my favourite ones to Tom and imagining reading them to our child in the future. My favourite is probably always 'J.J.Morrison Morrison' and Tom liked the one about 'The Three Foxes' (who didn't wear stocking and they didn't wear sockses).
Reading through classics like 'When we were young' brings back such fond memories and I cant wait to create new ones for our future family xoxo
To this day my favourite poetry is by A.A Milne and also C.S.Lewis, I had a brief affair with Christina Rossetti and Phillip Larkin mainly as they were so gloomy they reflected my teenagery mood. I am proud to say I can still recite 'The Jabawocky' by heart :)

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