An evening at Bristol Zoo Gardens

On Friday Tom and I went for a little evening date at Bristol Zoo gardens. It was nice to stroll around in the evening and see the animals, we really wanted to see the baby sloth but I think it was hiding with its mummy. My favourite was probably the Lemurs or the Meerkats. 
We ate pizza and lay on the grass whilst they played music and gave animal talks, I may have also had a veggie burger too (!) pizza scores 8/10 but i'm afraid to say the veggie burger was less tasty. 
We saw a bunch of people on first dates, I have to say that a date at the zoo would score pretty high for me, well done those guys.
And we saw three cats on our way home xoxo


CARRIE said...

I love that they just let the prairie dogs run free. The zoo near us lets the peacocks roam around and, let me tell you, those things are feisty!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@carrie i know cute isn’t it! I can imagine a peacock being feisty, a bit like swans maybe?

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