29 Weeks

29 weeks today! This week have mainly been perfecting my waddle and going to bed before 9.30 (today is an exception as Glee is on!) I've been feeling a lot heavier and have a few back twinges but nothing to complain about too much (although you know I like to!) also here in the UK we are having a indian summer and its 28 degrees and its making me hot and bothered and making my hair go frizzy! 
I have a bit of holiday to use up before I go on leave so I'm taking a week off next week which i cant wait for! After that I only have about 4 weeks to go before my maternity starts, its crazy how things are now starting to happen. When you first find out you are pregnant 9 months (or 40 weeks) seems so far away and now I feel like the end is in sight! I wonder if I will miss being pregnant when this baby comes, the first 17 weeks of sickness and further three weeks or so of migraines it feels like hell. I had always looked forward to being pregnant and thought it would be something i would enjoy every minute of...not so. But after 20 weeks i can say i started to feel great and really enjoy it, yes i complain about being a little tired or days when i have bad leg cramps but other than that i am loving it. Feeling your baby move is the most amazing and comforting feeling ever, i may have wished a few times that Tom could have taken my sickness from me but i'm sure i wouldn't want to give up this feeling :)
A friend of mine told me the other day that she was 'born to be a mum as pregnancy came so naturally to her', which kinda annoyed me a little. I get what she was trying to say and I'm glad she loved it so much but does that mean mums who lose babies or suffer from morning sickness so bad they are hospitalised are not 'born to be mums'? I think the statement was a little insensitive, another friend of mine is 33 weeks pregnant and still being sick twice a day having a terrible time and i'm sure she will make just as a fantastic mum! ok rant over but if i cant rant on my own blog where can I? ;)
Well I hope all you people in the UK are enjoying the late summer! I for one can not wait for proper autumn, woolly tights, boots and coats!
p.s umm can you see how my tummy button has almost popped out!?


abigailemily said...

I miss being pregnant all the time! Its amazing having them here obviously and seeing them emerge as their own little person, but sometimes I miss that closeness an that secret relationship you have when they are inside, and feeling that no-one else has that. Also feeling that you are 100% on control of caring and protecting them, and growing them too!

Pregnancy is hard, but the most rewarding and amazing experience, whatever way it goes, and no pregnancy is better than another, just different! And of course it has no relevance on our mothering skills!

I literally can't wait for you to pop, and even though Ihavent known you for long I feel I sort of know the little bean already a little bit, and can't wait to see you be a (wonderful) mum and of course give him a cuddle!

Red Boots said...

Yes, I find that insensitive too as how your pregnancy goes is no indication of what kind of mother you're going to be, or how good a mother you are going to be. And each pregnancy is so different that's it's impossible to say that. I've got two sisters and my mum said none of her three pregnancies were the same! Your friend might be pregnant again in the future, and find her next pregnancy really hard going with terrible morning sickness and who knows what else.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@aww thanks abi! xx
@red boots I totally agree! xx

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