Happy Halloween


Notice a theme? Yer I'm not so imaginative when it comes to Halloween! Tom and I didn't do anything for Halloween this year. I did think it might have been fun to dress as a pumpkin whilst I have a pumpkin like shape but I wasn't organized enough. The kids around our area are super cute when it comes to trick or treating and are always too polite to take much sweets which meant last year we went a little overboard with the amount we bought and ended up with loads! I cant wait until next year to dress our baby (and cats) up in their costumes ha! xoxo


33 Weeks

I feel HUGE this week! and I still have a fair few weeks to go, I sleep about two hours at the most these days then i'm up to go to the loo or just lie awake for a bit sort of trying to find a comfy position to be in. This doesn't always mean I am in the best of moods all the time but I think I have been pretty good with my hormones so far. There have been no huge rows yet just maybe more silent sulking and snappy remarks here and there so I think thats pretty good going. 

Yesterday Tom and I went to our first NCT class which was really good, it was so relaxed and reassuring. The whole approach was so healthy and openminded and I went away feeling excited and positive which I think is how it should be! Tom was brilliant and really went for it and got stuck in with all the questions and activities. There were two other couples who were planning a home birth and the other three planning hospital or midwife leds births. Despite us all having different birth plans no one batted an eyelid at our choice for a home birth or made anything of it, we didn't get any 'you probably wont be able to anyway' or 'you'll end up in hospital' or 'your a bit too young, why don't you try with your next one?'. The teacher made us all feel confident at our abilities which isn't to say we should be disappointed if anything did change. We heard from each other about positive birth stories and not one person said 'don't expect that to happen to you' or 'you say that now but you'll change your mind' or other helpful pieces of advise. 

I have decided from now on that if people do just want to shoot me down or only give me negative 'advise' I will just have to say 'if you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all!' 
I now have four days left at work (!!) and am looking forward to maternity leave starting, at the same time it feels a bit weird, like it came too soon. I'm not sure I'm ready yet, how did it get to this stage already?! I mean, I know I'm having a baby in a few weeks but..I'm actually having a baby! you know!? I wonder if anyone ever feels totally ready? Part of one of the exercises we did involved our thoughts about after the birth, we all found we hadn't really thought that far ahead! It was interesting to see however that when put to the question more than half our class were considering co-sleeping (yet another area that people tend to get a lot of stick for so i've found!). 

All in all it was good to meet up with other first time parents and I'm so glad we signed up for NCT I really recommend it! 
p.s one of the books I have borrowed from the NCT library is Spiritual Midwifery I'll let you know how I get on with it! xoxo


Moleskine - Loves

Hola! Happy Monday...yes yes I know Monday but still I hope you had a good one, maybe you had something tasty to eat? If not make sure you get yourself a mince pie tomorrow (and no its not never to early) it will make your day.
The above pics are some new Moleskine designs I have been working on this past weekend, they come in both lined and unlined. Recently my memory is really really bad, I walk in and out a room about three times before I remember what it was I wanted/needed to do so note pads are a must..unless I forget where I put it. 
Aaanyways you can check them out on my shop if you like? Thanks! xoxo


A Collection

1&2, finally got my instagram pictures printed out
3, lots and lots of pendants made to be turned into necklaces
4, illustrations ready for cutting out
5, Maddie doing what she does best
6, Pendants ready for artwork
7, The squirrel friend we spotted on the weekend (Tom and I play the 'squirrel game' where you have to shout squirrel when you see one, I saw six that day and won) 


32 Weeks

(I've just started doing these on the weekend as its just not practical to try and do it on the actual day)

No thats not a pumpkin I'm smuggling under my jumper its a squash (haha). Today Tom and I went for a stroll to a park local to us, it was a little further than our regular park (which is pretty much five minutes away from our house) but it was nice to have a change of scenery. One of the things I love about where I live is that there are so many parks near to us within walking distance, which when you don't have a car is ideal. When we got to the park Tom surprised me with a picnic (including chocolate milk and a whisper!) and we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out with the cats and watching things on my laptop.
Tom and I have been making some decisions about the way we want to raise our baby and its such a comfort to be able to come to these choices together. I feel like we are already acting like a family, neither of us are dictating to each other but both doing research and coming to conclusions as a team. Ok so its helpful that we were pretty much of the same page to start with but I have come to discover that when your choices in regards to pregnancy/babies/family life is concerned people do tend to have an opinion. Thats not to say we don't respect and are thankful for peoples help and advice but I'm just so proud of our little family already for doing things our way. 
I am getting more and more excited about family life, when my maternity leave starts I am planning on learning to bake a bit more as I really want to be the kind of mum that can bake at least a few things. I'm not sure if its because the days are getting colder but I'm getting nostalgic about sunday lunch and crumple (yes I know the baby wont be able to actually partake in things like this for a while but still). I want to be the kind of mum that makes pancakes on the weekend and can make fancy dress costumes and homemade decorations. That all seems very 1950's housewife I know, I guess I've imagined having a baby for so long that my daydreams can come across very fairytale/disney but hey thats not always a bad thing! 
eight weeks-ish to go! xoxo


Sick House

cat and fox illustration by me 
Quinn - Strickle household is a sick household these days :( Tom has been under the weather for a few days and this morning I woke up feeling achey and sore throaty. We both had days off work and have been in our jarmers for most of it, Tom the hero went out and stocked up on fruit and soup and treats but I have to say I am looking forward to feeling better again (and I do already a bit) there is only so much day time TV a person can watch! I managed to get a spurt of energy this evening and have designed six new Moleskine designs for my shop which I'll hopefully upload tomorrow. 
In the meantime just look at this....how amazing?
after note - Tom thinks the above illustration looks like a cat thinking about a condom, its not meant to be but since he said it I can see why people would think that...safe sex everybody! 


Cat and Fox

umm i may have got a little cat and fox crazy over here! To celebrate i am throwing in free gifts on every necklace or badge bought which will include a cute pocket mirror. Hope you are all having a lovely wednesday! I'm all about the hot choclate these days, i've even been wearing a coat the past few days, hooray for autumn xoxo


Sunday Making

Happy Sunday! I have mostly been sleeeeping and making these, I will take proper pictures soon (these are just my Iphone ones) and add to my shop. Hope you like them! xoxo


31 Weeks

By the time i get round to actually posting my weekly pictures I kind of forget what i've gotten up to during the week these days. All I know is this week I am getting a leetle (lot) more tired. I already spoke about our day out at the P&B shoot earlier in the week so I wont repeat myself but it really was such a lovely day and I cant wait for its release. Today I woke up in a proper grump and I have to admit I've not even shifted it now, I think I am getting frustrated with myself as I feel like there is so much to do before the baby is born and I just dont have the energy to do any of it! Tom has had to put up with quite a few snappy remarks from me today and has done an ace job at being patient and making me laugh..so um..sorry about that babe but hey I am growing our baby over here so expect a few more grumpy days and a few more snappy remarks, its my prerogative. 

One thing that did arrive this week was the birth pool! We bought the La Bassine in the end although there wasn't much between that one and the Birth Pool In A Box in terms or reviews but in the end La Bassine was on sale so it came down the £££.  I think we will have to blow it up some time this week to make sure its all working ok, it will be pretty funny to have a giant paddling pool in the corner of the living room ha! 

Whilst taking pictures this evening Tom let me take some snaps of him (a rarity and probably because he is a little scared of me today) maybe one day we can have a weekly picture together, although we would have to get the cats to take the pics.. 

p.s its little like autumn today! thank god, cold weather I miss and love you xoxo


Pregnancy and Birth magazine and our jaunt in London Town

Yesterday Tom and I got up at the unearthly hour of 5.30 (yes yes I know I should get used to early starts yadayadayada) but seriously that is just silly o clock. The reason we got up at such a ridiculous time was to go to London Town, the Big Smoke, for the Pregnancy and Birth magazine shoot. After having one of those nights where you wake up every hour paranoid your alarm clock isn't going to go off I thought I would be knackered but I think excitement made me awake and refreshed. Our journey to the shoot went smoothly (the magazine were kind enough to let us take a taxi from Paddington instead of us trying to master the tube as the house wasn't really near any). We arrived at this pretty swanky house (Tom was clever enough to take a few snaps whilst I was upstairs getting my make up done) and all the people involved were so lovely and welcoming. It was super fun to get my make up done and dress up in a lovely dress, plus heels (I haven't worn any heels for a good 6 months!). The team were very complimentary about my work and Jemma the Features Editor has told me to send some samples of my designs on baby grows etc which they are happy to feature in the magazine! I am so thrilled to have an opportunity like this but first I need to get the products just right. I have my designs ready but its really important to me to get the right quality printing and quality fabric. I want them to be made from organic and fair-trade fabrics which is taking a little longer to source and get organised but I cant wait to get started. I have also had some interest from boutiques wanting to sell my products which is a great start!

We finished by 11.30 so headed into Covent Garden and managed to stop by Tatty Devine and POP before a two course lunch (um yep that is blue cheese you see on my omelette but thats the first time in six months and I miss it so!) and Tom got a really cool retro shirt he looks pretty handsome in it (even if i'm a little bias). After that we managed to stop by the V&A and Science Museum as we are not in London very often before heading home to get back to Bristol by 8. A pretty busy day!

Also without getting too soppy I wanted to mention just how thankful I am for Tom. I know I could have gone to London by myself but I appreciated him being there so much, and not just to carry my bag and to help me with the travel. When I was busy getting my make up done Tom was downstairs singing my praises, Tom was the one telling the crew from the magazine about my illustrations and previous successes, I love that he can just throw himself into things that may have not been 'his thing' because he knows how important it is to me. His positivity and belief in me makes me confident in myself and my abilities...plus he is game to watch films like Enchanted and eat pasta pillows when I feel like it so he's pretty much a bit of a catch in my eyes..only don't him, he'll get a big head ;)


My Happy List

picture taken a few months ago at Weston Super Mare
I think that its a good idea to try and do this as much as often as it really does make you appreciate things and put a spring in your step! Here are my ten things for this week

1, Being asked to be in Pregnancy and Birth magazine, will be such a nice memento for me and bump 
2, Finally having printed out the last few years of photographs, going through them and remembering special times
3, Making homemade decor for the spare room/baby room (we have Eric Carle prints on mount board)
4, Seeing friends who have been over seas for the last year and hearing they are moving back soon!
5, Getting beautiful homemade clothes for the baban as seen here
6, Cutting my own hair and saving £40 yussss
7, Getting motivation for selling my artwork again and feeling positive about the future 
8, The fact that I am one week closer to meeting my baby!
9, Nesting, cooking and planning with my mister
10, Tom's hand on my tummy


A Collection

1, Maddie
2 & 3, vintage circus detail on a local park
4, I cut my fringe! 
5, coffee..mmm even if it is decaf
6, barely used scales, my toy story pez, grannies tubs and paint brushes
7, Rockie and Maddie..lovers tiff 
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