34 Weeks

34 weeks - Maternity Leave!

34 weeks (last Thursday) six (ish) weeks to go!

It feels a bit weird to have left work, when you usually leave a job its to go to another so its sort of more final than this. On my first day of maternity leave I had four work emails and a request to give them call as they couldn't find something..I don't mind so much as I know its hard when you start a new place and I don't mind helping people but its hard to switch off from work mode. Hopefully after a week or so they will have forgotten about me. 

I think maybe if you have kids in your late thirties or so you maybe might have built up a career or at least found a job you liked. But for me my job as a personal assistant although fine as jobs go was nothing other than a way to pay the bills. At our NCT class one of the things we discussed was losing a sense of our self once we had had our babies. I think thats quite a relevant point, when I was unemployed for six weeks I really noticed how much people define you by the job you do. Its almost the first thing people ask when you meet them and even though being a mum is one of the most important jobs out there are I think its also important to keep a grip of who you are without being a mum maybe. I think as long as I keep up my illustration as well as focussing on being a mama it might help.

Its a bit strange to think at some point in the next 4-8 weeks I pretty much will be having a baby..when you first find out you're pregnant its so exciting and its all you can think about, but approaching eight months later you've sort of just got used to it. I feel like I have been pregnant for ever, and I cant really remember what it feels like not to have the squirmy squiggly thing in my tummy! xoxo


Annarack said...

you are positively blooming my dear. You always dress so lovely.

Bianca said...

Your hair is so long now! Lovely pictures, and I love the autumn leaves.... I am missing Autumn I have to admit! Where's the park you're taking the photos in? It's so pretty! x x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Bianca I know right! :s going to have to get my mum to chop some of it off when she visits this weekend! Its Eastville park, its really lovely xx

Charlotte said...

You will soon miss the little monkey thrashing about inside you! It took me ages to remember that wind (sorry) wasn't Lil, she was infact laying next to me!

You look gorgeous. Enjoy this time before your life changes forever xxx

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