37 Weeks

37 Weeks + 2 days
So we made it to 37 weeks, full term! Our baby can be born any time from now and not be considered premature!I know he probably wont come until after 40 weeks but recently two people I know have had their babies at 37 and 38 weeks which was maybe why I felt a bit freaked out over the last few days.
And on that note thank you for your lovely comments here and on Twitter about my previous post, I really appreciate it and it made me feel tons better.
Today Tom and I had a semi lazy but also fairly productive day. Last weekend he spent all hours working on the kitchen so we hadn't had any quality time together. As I had been feeling a bit sad about the end of 'just us' it has been nice to just have a laugh and a cwtch together. But we are still working on all the bits we still need to do, I have been working on the spare room/nursery today, painting the tree mural and putting out the nappies in their little baskets (we are hoping to cloth nappy but also have some disposables for emergencies). We found our cot in the IKEA bargain corner (ex display) so wheeled it home and Tom is going to fashion it into a Co-Sleeper over the next few days. I think it was a good idea to have the Co-Sleeper extension rather than have him in our bed, not that there is anything wrong with that method but Tom and I squabble about the amount of room we have anyway so it will be good to have the extra space. 

boxes of things I still need to sort out!
Talking about sleeping, its not going so well these days, a friend lent me a pregnancy pillow which has helped a lot but I'm not really ever fully sleeping. Its more like dosing until I need to change positions again/go to the loo/get more water etc. Sometimes I find myself on my phone at 4am in the morning looking at what my Australian or American pals are doing on Twitter just because sleep is not coming to me at all. But I would rather that a million times than morning sickness so I really don't feel too disgruntled about it, plus I do remind myself just how lucky I am so be pregnant and then I don't feel to bad. I am so glad I took maternity leave when I did however as even if I am tired I can just rest in bed with Greys Anatomy or do some online xmas shopping. Sometimes I feel guilty about being so lazy but like I was saying to a friend the other day if Tom & I are lucky enough to have more children I am never going to have the time again to just chill so I should soak it up whilst I can! 
This is my 37 weeks and forward pregnancy uniform - its all about the comfy!
I also went to Mothercare with my friend Abi, to shop for the more glamorous items for post birth *ahem nipple cream and massive pads..oh dear* but did also treat myself/Wilfryd to a Sophie the Giraffe, a baby toy no yummy mummy can be seen without! 
My mum is coming up next weekend (when I will be about 38.5 weeks) so I am going to go again with her to pick up any last minute essentials we can think of. I think I will be feel a bit calmer when she is up and the house is all sorted as I will be ready then for baby's arrival! But I *think* we are pretty much on top of everything, if you ever can be. 
Oh yer and if it all gets a little too much you can always just take a cat nap xoxo


Charlotte said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! This whole pregnancy business really suits you. HOT MAMA! xxx

Janet said...

We used an ikea cot as a cosleeper too and it worked really well, just the right height (and I have a feeling we have the same bed as you too, vague memory of seeing it on instagram or something?? The black/brown ikea metal one?). We just used it with one side off and attached with bungee ropes.

AliceHarold said...

You look amazing!! We used a co-sleeper attachment cot thing too, a bednest. It was so much easier for breastfeeding in the middle of the night and really worked for us (I would have been terrified of squishing the baby if she was in our bed!) x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Charlotte THANK YOU!
@Janet ooh thats great to know, ours is that white IKEA metal one but yes must be pretty much the same, there are a few websites which show you how to convert one which is ace as the actual 'co-sleepers' are super expensive!
@Alice Thats exactly what we are thinking, will be so much easier for feeding than getting up and in and out of bed! xx

Jess said...

ooh its all looking lovely!!! so exciting, Im following you on Twitter now its @jeccylew

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