Baby Shower - Part Two

Baby Shower - Part Two!

We are so lucky with the amazing presents we received at my shower, so many thoughtful gifts I feel truly honoured. My lovely sister in law made the super cute booties and mittens in the top picture, Kimberlee made the amazing fox outfit in the second as well as the blanket and personalised bunting! Abigail made the lovely bunting blanket in the third to last picture as well as the bandana bibs in the second picture. 

My little sister Serin made the beautiful baby blanket in the fifth picture up. I am a bit overwhelmed with how talented these ladies are! I also received some lovely smellies and cookies (cookies not pictured as they were eaten before I got a chance to take a pic) from my friends and family. 

My parents got me the African Lullabies and Baby Sign Language book which is something I am quite interested in trying out and my friend Liz the cute owl baby grow. The picture at the end is a sling which my friend Dona bought for me, I had been saying to Tom how much I wanted one and its such a lovely colour!

We now have four very special baby blankets which is getting me all excited to wrap this little baby up in! I just cant quite believe how kind my friends and family have been with their support and generosity. And I would like to thank again my sister in law for arranging the day for me. 

I've had a couple of questions about the origins of our baby's name. I would like to start by saying we originally intended to keep the name secret, then it went to 'secret apart from family' then I told a couple of my close friends...and THEN i accidentally told a national magazine (Pregnancy and Birth magazine) by which time it really wasn't a secret anymore. This is entirely my fault as I am AWFUL at keeping secrets, but its nice to be able to refer to him as Wilfryd now as that is what we have been referring to him as for months and months! 

So, Wilfryd (pronounced Will-Frid) is an Anglo Saxon name similar to the name Wilfred and means 'desiring peace' the Wil bit being the desire (or willing) and the Frid bit meaning Peace. My name is also Anglo Saxon and means Peace too so it is pretty much the boy version of my name, which isn't why we chose it but is a nice added extra. 

His middle name is Cadno (pronounced Cad-No) which is welsh for Fox (and you know how much I love foxes!)
And his surname is Quinn

So there you go! Thanks for all the nice comments about it, I'm glad you like it too, we think its pretty lovely. xoxo


Lil said...

fab gifts!! love that hat, my niece was born last night 3 weeks early, I haven't finished her blanket yet!!!! her name is Freya ;)

I wanted to call my son Fox after Fox Mulder lol, ( I kinda loved him ) I think the welsh for it is beautiful and a fantastic choice, what a lucky boy your son is !!!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww wow! I cant even imagine my baby coming yet, i'm not ready!lol
What a lovely name, I think my mum was toying with Freya for me too! We were undecided on his middle name for ages although I wanted it to be something Welsh, I'm glad the Welsh word for Fox is a nice sounding one :) x

Anonymous said...

Such lovely gifts, I love the fox outfit and fox in a box, brilliant! Your chosen names are lovely too, he's going to be one lucky baby! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

They are lovely aren't they :)

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