Christmas Present Ideas

I have decided there is no way I am venturing into town to do my Christmas shopping this year, it is all being done online from the comfort of my bed. Luckily there are sites like Etsy which means I can still hunt out personal handmade gifts without having to trawl around boutiques at eight months pregnant! 
Here are somethings I have been 'hearting' this morning 
This cute plushy from ohsweetlulu even though Wilfryd will only just (or maybe not even) born by Christmas I wanted to get him one special gift. I actually just bought him this after his middle name (I sure hope he doesn't grow up hating foxes, I am going a little crazy for the fox theme)
This amazing cuckoo clock by Katesutton
I would be pretty happy to find this broach in my stocking by kimonoreincarnate
If this wasn't £50 I would have totally bought it for Tom from PrettySnake
Love this 'Lewis' doll from goodbyebluemonday
have to have a bit of ashleyg

Super cute fox bag from Bradleyville
I have a certain little sister who would love this from Ninainvorm
Polaroid brooch by craftyfolk
Moustache Man Cushion by cookiecutteretsy
Actually there were a few I really wanted to share with you as they were amazing but I have decided to buy for certain people (who may look at this blog) so I had to be on the safe side! How are you all getting on with Christmas shopping? xoxo


abigailemily said...

i've been doing the exact same thing, i don't think i can face the shops as well, and i'm not even pregnant!

i'm getting really excited about christmas, and i hope little wilfryd is there to enjoy it too!


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

it will be Theo's first Christmas wont it? In his new house! yay! he's going to love it! xxx

when skies are grey said...

There are some cute ideas, love the fox bag :)

Mummygadgetgeek said...

Oh I love the cats jumper and the fox bag! Don't think the Other Half would ever wear the jumper or I'd be very tempted...

Chrissy said...

i will happily take on of each, please! =)


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