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I love reading Charlotte's blog 'I'm only saying what your thinking' her sarcastic writing is very refreshing and witty. We have also become friends over the world of twitter so I'm glad to share with you this honest and funny piece,thanks Charlotte!

How to describe becoming a mother in six words?
Thank heavens for push up bras.
Before I fell pregnant I didn't need a push up bra. Or to exercise for that matter. Everything was where it should have been. And now? Don't ask.
I had Lilian seven months ago and having her has taught me a lot. For example: the housework can wait (although it really does need doing), keep food in your handbag because hours can go by without you shoving food down your throat (your life now revolves around the child). It has also taught me how to be more tolerable of my mother in law and that it isn't about me anymore, I can be selfless without even trying. 
Yes I dream of my old life. I used to stumble out of bars drunk, fall into the road and sing to people on the tube. Once I woke up and found half a bottle of vodka in my bag. I couldnt remember why it was in there but at the time I thought it was hilarious. I lived a reckless life and I enjoyed it. But now. Well I have a kid, don't I. Things have changed. I'm still the same person (although the reckless side of me is locked in a room, for now) but I'm better. More loving, kind, calmer. I smile more, cherish every moment (cliche), I appreciate silly little things. I still act like an idiot at times but I find myself thinking about something before I do it because I have a daughter now and I don't want my whims to affect her in a negative way. Becoming a Mother has taught me to be compassionate and to see the good in people (even my mother in law).
But the most important things I've learnt from becoming a mother?
That you need a good concealer and lots of coffee in the cupboard, hangovers hurt like you wouldn't believe, dry shampoo is a godsend, you'll be wearing a push up bra for the rest of your life and sometimes you just need to let it go... Not everything is worth stressing about. Look after your body and your baby and they, in turn, will look after you.

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Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Love this, love Charlotte - hilariously frank view on things.

www.southmoltonststyle.com xxx

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