Midwife home visit

I thought I would do a short post on this as I was really curious as to what the above would entail. As you know we are working on the house at the moment and the day the midwife was due over was operation kitchen a go-go. We had all the old kitchen pieces plus kitchen wear and food in the living room and the old sink and work tops in the front yard, great first impression! Luckily our living room is really large (it used to be two rooms that have been cut through) so there was room for myself, Tom and her to all sit down thank god! I was really nervous about the state of everything even though every one kept telling me she wouldn't care, and of course she didn't. 

So the midwife home visit at 36 weeks essentially is to go through your home birth plan and discuss options such as if we want the baby to have vitamin K and if so if we would like it injected or orally and if I want a 'managed' or natural third stage of labour. The reason they offer vitamin K to new borns is that a small number of babies (1 in 10,000) have vitamin K deficiency bleeding which means they could spontaneously bleed or bruise. You are offered Vitamin K to your baby in two ways, the first being an injection into the babies leg or orally which consists of three doses by mouth (two in the first week and one when it is a month old). Although there is not much between them after talking it through with the midwife we felt more comfortable with the oral method. Even though I suppose I have been making decisions for this baby whilst it is growing inside me this was the first decision we had to make in regards to his health in the outside world, I'm not sure it made me feel any way particularly but I did notice it as being the first real decision, of which we will have a million more to make during his future!

The second was the option of 'managed' or 'natural' third stage, I guess you guys know me by know to know that I would like to try and do this as naturally as possible so no surprise what I chose there. If you want to read about what that entails click here. Although I have chosen the natural third stage I am not adverse to the managed if I change my mind at the time or if for any reason it is thought that it is needed, my main reason for not wanting the injection is one, if things were going fine I see no reason to hurry anything along and two, I have heard some of the side effects can be nausea and I am dammed if I am going to go through giving birth only to be sick for the next four hours!

So with the two big questions out the way we talked where I was going to have the baby (in the living room in my giant paddling pool), pain relief (water, tens machine and possibly gas and air) and relaxation techniques. I am really pleased that my midwife is a huge supporter or home birth, she seemed really pleased when we told her about the relaxation methods we had been trying (pregnancy yoga, hypno birth and NCT classes). She explained the reasons that I may have to be transferred to hospital but also explained that didn't mean these things would happen. She also asked if we would mind a student midwife there too, I hadn't actually thought about that before but after she said that it would be nice for one to see a home birth I was happy for them to come along. 

We discussed the set up for the room too, dark, fairy lights, candles, music, pool and we are also bringing our old mattress (we got a new one last week) down as a soft area. Tom and I were going though playlists the other night, although they are all on Spotify so I am going to have to upgrade my account so I don't get an advert every three songs (usually not an issue but I think it would be at the time!!). 

I will be full term tomorrow so this baby could realistically come any time from then on! Although our kitchen isn't quite done it will be by the weekend (its just the last bits, shelfs and wall cabinets) so I am looking forward to getting the room all set up and nesty from then on (so baby you stay in there a few more days OK? - ideally a few more weeks, thanks).
Well that was that, next time I meet up with her I get my red book for the babies check ups after he is born! Right now off to watch more Grey's Anatomy, ahh maternity leave is hard xoxo


Anonymous said...

If you are considering buying, creating, or remodeling your house you might be asking whether or not you really should invest in a utility sink.

Jess said...

lol Spotify ads make me want to throw stuff at the best of times, never mind in labour. Midwife sounds nice, im keeping all my fingers crossed it all goes smoothly for you x

AliceHarold said...

Lady, you look amazing! Thank you for your comment on my blog - your birthing plan sounds wonderful. I live about 20 mins away from my local hospital and I'm not sure if I would be confident enough to have a home birth just in case of emergency but I am warming to the idea. xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil I have upgraded my account thank god! And thank you :) x
@Alice Thank you also! I love your blog, congrats on your pregnancy too x

Claudia Taylor said...

lol Spotify ads make me want to throw stuff at the best of times, never mind in labour. Midwife sounds nice, im keeping all my fingers crossed it all goes smoothly for you x

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