My Happy List

This happiness list is a little soppy so if your not down with that then look away now!

10 things I am happy about this week

1, That my boyfriend works so hard for his soon to be family without complaint
2, That he helps me put my socks on (which is now a 15 minute struggle if he's not around)
3, Back rubs 
4, Tom making me dinner even though I have been home all day and not even got out my jarmers
5, On that note, jarma days!
6, Making dinner together from scratch with pudding (I now know how to make a quiche all by myself!)
7, Finishing work
8, My mum and brother and sister in law coming for the weekend (I haven't seen my brother or sister in law in about a year and a half!)
9, That my brother and S.I.L are moving down south, family within an hour an half travelling time!
10, The realisation when asked what I want for my birthday/christmas I can not think of a single thing I want or need, surely a great place to be in life? 

Hope you are all having a great week! I am off to meet up with a lady from my pregnancy yoga class for lunch, ahh life is hard sometimes right? xoxo

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