NCT Class - Women Only

My mum was looking through some of her old midwifery folders and found this picture drawn by me age eight! Haha! 
Today I had another NCT class but this time it was a 'women only' one, I felt a bit nervous about this as I wondered what the hell they would tell us that men are not allowed to hear! 

It turns out (as Tom said it probably would be) that it was just an opportunity to have a few hours just with us ladies taking about things we might not be comfortable discussing in front of the guys.. I've come to really look forward and enjoy my NCT classes and all the ladies are so lovely, two of them live about ten minutes away and we have already agreed to meet up often after we have had our babies so we wont feel isolated. Its such a relief to have a network like that as although I do have friends with babies I also think it will make a big difference to have friends who have babies who are the same age and are going through things at the same time. 
We also listened to a birth story today too, our teacher is going to send us a copy of the ones she has so I'll try and put one or two on here when I get them. 

The one we were read today was so beautiful and perfect, I know I am hormonal at the moment but I had to start thinking of things to distract me as I was welling up pretty bad. Luckily one of the other ladies was too so it wasn't too embarrassing. 
I always leave feeling so positive and excited I really cant wait for our next class! xoxo

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