39 Weeks

OK so this picture is FAR from flattering, I thought about not posting it but then decided against being so vain. It's a true reflection of how I look at the moment (even if those thighs make me sink inside a little...). Through this entire pregnancy I think the thing that has confused me the most is why oh why my thighs had to change so much..your lucky the pic is in black and white, those stretch marks in Technicolor look like I have been mauled by a bear *le sigh*. Anyway, this is what 9 months pregnant is looking like, yep i'm three stone heavier and my legs and boobs will never be the same again but in the grand scheme of things that is a very silly thing to be concerned about :)
39 Weeks (last Thursday) we blew up the pool to test for leaks and to see how long it takes to heat/how long the heat stays in for (a surprisingly long time) and any other things we could think of so we wouldn't have to panic on the day. We actually tried to do this on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday but Tuesday we were unable to as the 'universal' hose attachment it came with didn't work on our IKEA taps. Tom then went to buy another one on Wednesday to find the same problem so he spent most of the night fashioning a homemade hose attachment. This is why its good to do practise runs I guess! 
We went for a La Bassine pool in the end, although there was very little between that one and the Birth Pool in a Box in terms of price and reviews, the La Bassine ran a tiny bit cheaper which was the only thing that swayed us. Its really comfy and comes with two handles which from reviews has been a redeeming feature. It was nice to have the bump fully submerged and took a lot of weight off my back which I guess is the idea. My mum and I had been to the swimming pool earlier in the day and I find that swimming creates the same weightlessness, when you climb out you feel as if someone has handed you a few breeze blocks to hold! 
I haven't really been feeling any discomfort up until this point but for the past couple of days my (still constantly moving baby) has been playing a fun game of pressing against my sciatic nerve every so often and rendering my left leg helpless. Its such a surprise kind of pain it really takes my breath away, it also started to make me nervous about how I will deal with very strong contractions. Speaking of which I have had dull period pain type pain for the past five days now, increasing in strength, I am also experiencing Braxton Hicks fairly regularly and last night a constant back pain. I did wonder yesterday if this could be the start of something but no it was just where acrobatics baby had decided to go 'back to back' giving me a pretty tiring back ache. He has moved back round again now but thats not to say he will stay the right way, as he's not fully engaged and seems to be the most energetic baby I have come across, he still enjoys to do full flips and turns which vary from being bearable to actually kinda uncomfortable. I do wonder if he may have got himself all twisted in his cord and is trying to detangle himself, but he's probably just looking for a comfy place to settle. 
I always wondered why people get fed up and try all these tricks to induce labour, up until a few days ago I was quite happy to wait a few more weeks, but I am really feeling like I would like him to come along now. I feel ready and far too excited to wait any longer (of course I'm sure this means he will stay in there until after Xmas to be stubborn). 
My mum arrived last Saturday to stay until the baby is born, she lives about 5/6 hours away so there was no chance of just being able to call her when I went into labour and I really want her here. She had my elder brother (her first) a week early and me (her second) a few days early so we wanted to make sure she was here in plenty of time just incase I followed the same pattern.
She has been a great help so far helping me organise/clean the house, Mothercare trips and advise on anything I can think of. Before she arrived I was getting into a serious 'Greys Anatomy' addiction, I was watching about four episodes a day and not really leaving the house, I was feeling really exhausted and just felt like there wasn't any way I could do anything than lie in bed. Since she has been up however we have been doing my Pregnancy Yoga DVD together, organising house things, going for lunch and even swimming and I feel like I have got a new burst of energy, I think this is also why I am feeling much more ready for the birth. 
I know statistically most first babies are late but I really hope he turns up soon, I'm a little tired of this pregnancy thing now and want to start the mama thing :) xoxo


Unknown said...

Gorgeous pic. Wishing you luck and I hope the baby comes soon for you. I'm due next Saturday but I sure would like junior to show up early - 9 months preggy is pretty uncomfy. I've been cleaning the bathroom like a lunatic all afternoon hoping to trigger something :) All the best, Lou (@craftpea) xx

Jess said...

bah, you look lovely, I put more on my legs and bum with my son, with my daughter I only looked about five months gone up till the end which upset me no end in antenatal classes with everyone else blooming!!anyway after a year of running round as a single parent of 2 with fifteen months between them I was horribly underweight and was glad to get my curves back eventually !!!

Tiny Dancer said...

Oh good luck! You must be feeling so impatient now the birth is so close. I can't wait to look more pregnant, if another person tells me how tiny my bump is I'll scream!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@louise good luck to you! I wonder when they will arrive! I think i lack the nesting instinct like most women do, cant say I've been compelled by cleaning products! :)
@Lil thank you! thats interesting, I wonder if its something to do with having a boy? Bless you I bet that would make you lose weight! I quite like the curves just lot so much the sausage legs!
@Tinydancer, ah ignore them, people seem to think they can comment on your shape when your pregnant. Everyone is different! xx

Kye Sangha said...

I know it's late & you've had your little one, but I wanted to tell you that this picture is really great and sure to be a hit with your little one in years to come. Oh, and that you look **beautiful**

Kaylon Morris said...

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