December 1st

I woke up this morning and suddenly thought..Holy Macaroni! I'm going to have a baby at some point this month! How crazy is that?! When I said in my post yesterday I was 38 weeks, that was a lie, I'm 38 weeks today, somehow I cant seem to keep track anymore. I'll get Tom to take my picture this evening hopefully!

So its December! When I was little I used to resent that my siblings got given an advent calendar on the evening of my birthday, I thought that day should all be about me, ha! This year I am so un bothered about my birthday (even though it was lovely) or Christmas, its even mine and Tom's anniversary this Sunday and we forgot until the other day. Tom has asked for a tape measure and said he will be happy with that, I may however make him a card. These things seem so inconsequential in respect of the impending arrival of baby!

Tom and I got together shortly after my 23rd birthday but were not properly a couple as such then so our first Christmas together was actually the year later. I had recently quit a job I hated and was being supported by Tom whilst I found a new one. I will always remember that time, we had moved in together six months prior and I really loved our little flat. On the first of December I got up as usual shortly after Tom had left for work to head into the kitchen and make myself tea (how I miss tea..still cant drink it). In the kitchen I found a notice board full of tiny red envelopes numbered to 25. I was soon to discover that each envelope had been carefully packaged with tiny gifts, beautiful buttons, earrings and rings. I couldn't believe that Tom had so thoughtfully sourced and packaged each little envelope to actually mean something. It was truly something I will always remember and cherish. We were supposed to be spending Christmas separately that year but as it turned out I got a job the week before and therefore needed to stay in Bristol. So Tom invited me to Christmas with his family and we haven't had Christmas apart since. I wonder if this baby will be born in time for Christmas this year?

Tom this is what you get for pulling silly faces in pictures, them splashed about over the internet! xoxo

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Kye Sangha said...

The picture of the two of you is so far beyond adorible, I cannot imagine how it will be once you add a cute little one. More cuteness. Oh dear.
Reading on to discover more now. :)
Im rather enchanted with your blog & life.

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