When family came to stay

Having my family come to stay and meet Wilf has been lovely, I think they are all pretty taken with him! It was nice for my mum to see how much he has changed already since the day he was born and great for me to have her support again, I really do wish they lived nearer. I think my dad is very proud to be a grandparent, I love the fourth picture down where they are looking at each other. It was great to see them interacting and nice to have someone else walk him up & down when he got a little grizzy!
My little sister Serin did a great job singing to Wilf, he really loved it. I have already told her I'm going to be skyping her at 3am for some lullabies and it was so cute to see my baby brother Madog with him, Wilf looks huge in his arms!
Although we are not religious we have asked my older brother Keir and sister in law Jocelyn to be godparents (or the non religious alternative) it was actually Tom that suggested them and as soon as he said it it made perfect sense. They have always been the greatest support for me throughout various stages in my life and I know they will do the same for Wilfie. They haven't been able to visit yet as they are in the process of moving house and working abroad but I cant wait for them to! 
Wilf is now two and a half weeks old, I am very thankful that Tom doesn't have to go back to work for another two weeks. He has been such a great support and I'm sure there will be a few tears when he does go back but I think we are starting to getting into the swing of things a little more now. That being said our house is a tip and we are still getting zero sleep but that is to be expected right? 
The past few days have been a little stressful health wise, I have had a little problem with heavy bleeding and had to spend yesterday afternoon waiting for a scan at the hospital. 
Funny story, just before the scan I popped to the toilet and accidentally pulled the emergency cord instead of the flush, cue two nurses coming to my rescue and me apologising profusely, did someone say 'sleep deprived'?
All is well and I am now on antibiotics which will hopefully help with my breast engorgement too as they have been making me a little feverish! 
The whole time I was pregnant all I thought about was the birth being the big thing and had just imagined myself serenely breastfeeding without any problem. It is getting a little easier and I do love the closeness of it and the bond it gives us but I think its good to be honest about these things and admit I am finding it a challenge. 
Well I have a baby calling! Speak soon xoxo

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CARRIE said...

It's always nice to visit with family. Wilf is a super-cutie! Wishing you health and happiness in the new year-- I hope you're feeling better soon!

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