First trip out of the neighbourhood

Up until a few days ago the furthest we had been out of the house was about 15 minutes walk. Wilf had now frequented such glamorous places such as Asda Living, Mothercare, ahem Burger King..yes I am a bad mama, Our local park and the cafe round the corner. As much as I love the area we live in it was time to branch further afield. Somewhere we couldn't just run home and somewhere I would potentially have to change and feed him. The entire time I have lived in Bristol I have only been to Clifton village around three times. Without a car its a little too far to pop to and we usualy favour places we can walk to like Gloucester Road/Stokes Croft and local to us areas such as St Werburgs and Easton. On our first trip out of our neighbourhood we decided to go for lunch with Tom's sister and his cousin Evan so Wilf got his first car ride and I made my annual visit to Clifton Village. 
I have to say I was/am nervous about breastfeeding in public, although I am no longer suffering with engorgement I do still struggle with it a little and it varies on day to day as to how well we do. I have visions of attempting over and over to get the angle right with a screaming baby and me with my boobs out leaking in public! However Wilf decided to sleep the entire trip so I have yet to tackle it! Breastfeeding mamas how did you find your first public feed? I would love to know! xo


Chloe Witters said...

My first feed in public was pretty much as you described in your worries. Struggling to get him latched, struggling to see what I was doing without exposing my nipple to the world, faffing about with pashminas and other forms of covers, milk leaking into my jeans.

Second public feed was in a pub with two friends holding up a blanket in front of me as a cover. Looking back, this clearly only served to draw more attention to what I was doing!

It seems like it's going to be like that forever, but it gets easier. Can't remember exactly how long it was before things clicked, but I do know that about 4 weeks after he was born I was feeling confident to nurse in the middle of Clarks shoe shop!

I think it's perfectly normal to feel as you've described and I think pretty much every breastfeeding mum has had similar anxieties in the early days.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Chloe, I actually went out and did it today! With a pashmina and in an isolated booth in a pub but still! x

MilkChic said...

Breastfeeding in public isn't as bad as you imagine. 4 weeks is early days and you'll be a pro in a few more weeks. Give yourself some confidence by feeding in front of a mirror - it's amazing how little anyone can see no matter how much you fumble and faff.
Legally, you have every right to feed topless should you so wish... but in this weather you might not feel up to that ;) I found that I was too caghanded to feed with a cover but accessible clothes like wrap or button down tops make life easier so you're not struggling with clothes with a screaming baby and a nursing vest underneath keeps everything covered if you need extra confidence. You can buy them, but I found my homemade nursing vests were more effective.
Oh, and if people stare, remember it isn't always because they disapprove!

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