Wilf is four weeks old

The hardest most amazing four weeks of my life

Wilf is now four weeks old (yesterday) and will be one calendar month this Saturday. This past few weeks have included adrenalin, exhaustion, happiness like I have never know, tears like I cant control..I have felt content as a mama and like a failure in the space of five minutes. I have felt like I cant cope any longer and then like I cant be without him. I feel like Wilf has always been in our lives, that Tom has always been a daddy and myself a mama. Sometimes I try and step out of the picture and just laugh, at our silly baby talk, about the many kisses we plant on his head, about his comedy outfits. I smile at the times we have as a family snuggled up in bed together, just watching him sleep. I know we are functioning on a couple of hours sleep a night and it can be a struggle but I know I will look back on his new born days with nostalgia so for the most part I am trying to lap it up and take it all in. 
Wilf is starting to lose his baby hair and is going through a wave of milk spots, so at the moment looks a little like a old man with problem skin poor thing (although it only makes him look more cute in my opinion). Tom is back to work on Monday and then it will be just Wilf and I for most of the week. I am slightly nervous about how I will cope but at the same time am looking forward to getting to know him a bit more just him and I. 
We are still learning all the time, sometimes we get it wrong (urgh like the day we dressed him in too many layers and he got all hot I felt like THE worst mother in world). When he cries and I've fed him and changed him and he's slept and I cant work out whats wrong and think he's probably got some terrible disease but it turns out he's just doing a poop. But I think on the whole we are doing ok. We put Wilf on his play mat yesterday and were amazed at how much he can focus and take things in compared to a week or so ago, he is growing and changing so fast!


Unknown said...

aw...he's getting cuter everyday ;)

it's amazing the range of emotions
you can go through in a short space of time isn't it? And how once they're here it feels as if they've been here forever

you're doing a brilliant job lady <3<3<3

Jess said...

awww he has such a lovely little face!! you've done a great job.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks ladies, and thanks for saying I;m doing well I really appreciate it! x

Sean said...

He looks so much like Tom. Lucky - there's a lot of weird features he could have got from my side.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@dad the Quinn genes are very strong..but on Tom's side!

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