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Wilfryd is now six weeks old! Although I swear he looks about four months. We went to baby clinic for the second time last week, not that I was worried about anything in particular but just to drop in really. I don't think I will go anymore unless I do have a specific concern though as one it is hot, there are lots of screaming babies and you have to wait about an hour to be seen. And two..because this time we went Wilfryd decided to wee when being weighed, in quite a impressively high arc and which landed on and soaked everyone else's red development books..
One thing I learnt from this visit though was that he is now on the 95th percentile (from the 91st) for weight and his head is on the 99.6th! When we had our 20 week scan they did tell me he had 'an above average head size' but the fact there are only 0.4% of babies with heads larger than him I think means I deserve some kind of prize..or at least present from Tom..no pain relief remember! 
Our second week together has gone well and I really think I'm starting to get to know my little boy. We have a (semi) routine which involves rising about 9am and hanging out downstairs on his play mat, rocking chair for a few hours where he will nap in-between awake times for just enough time to let me eat or do a quick tidy around the living room. 
I have made sure I've left the house at least three days out of five in the week (last week yesterday four!) and not watched any day time TV, go me! 
Wilf is still suffering from windy-ness so by the time Tom gets home he is already a bit grizzly which is a bit hard on him on Tom I think as he doesn't get to see his smiley mornings. I have heard that is should end by three months or so, fingers crossed. In the meantime our neighbour leant us a baby massage book, there is a specific massage for colic which we are going to try twice a day (starting yesterday) if that doesn't work then at least its just a nice massage experience for him. I am hoping to find some classes too as I have heard the benefits can be great. 

When Wilf was first born he looked so much like Tom however I think he's starting to look a little more like me these days! Well especially in the above picture, mainly due to the chubbiness! See?

Baby me..note the knit wear, all babies should wear knitwear I think, it should be the law ;)
Whilst we're talking baby me I just had to share this pic, doesn't my mama look beautiful? That hair! The little boy is my big brother Keir

Its funny since having Wilf I have become so much more interested in the way we live our life and the impact we have on the planet. I guess I'm seeing the world in a different light, not just about me but the world Wilfryd is going to grow up in. Whilst I think I have a fairly low environmental impact (we don't drive, we recycle, I have flown six times in 26 years and I don't eat meat). I want to make sure I can do as best as I can to bring him up in a ecological lifestyle, without being too militant about it, believe me we're not using 'the family cloth' anytime soon..
One of the things I want to make sure of is that Wilf eats well, when it comes to me I'm pretty happy to eat pasta or pizza most days. I was raised (and still am) vegetarian, my parents made lots of wide and varied meals but I have never really had a passion for cooking, eating yes but the preparation not so much. I know Wilf isn't going to be eating for another four and half months but I'm getting into learning new recipes for Tom and I. Its actually really satisfying know I made something from scratch and seeing everything that goes into it. Also its nice to have 'me time' where I can slip off to the kitchen have a sneaky glass of wine, put some tunes on and whip up something yummy. I do love eating. 

Its quite hard photographing food though! Yesterday I made a chickpea curry from scratch, buying the spices makes the meal come to like a million pounds the first time you eat it but hopefully I will keep it up so they will be worth the money!
Wilf has slept for about and hour letting mama and papa have some quiet time, although I'm sure we should be using it to 'wash,clean,sleep,cook' all of the above. But hey its Sunday, hope you all had a great one xoxo


abigailemily said...

aw yeh he looks so much like you! how sweet!

was so lovely seeing you both yesterday, if it was a bit hectic!

i think having a bit of time to yourselves is really important, way more important than cleaning!

p.s i like your new banner x

Jess said...

gosh he does look like you!!! I love knitting teeny jumpers, Wilf's is fab.

The Dress Tree said...

I actually thought that first baby pic of you WAS Wilf!

He is such a cutey and hey, if he does have an above average sized head then I reckon you definitely deserve a treat! Well done girl!

Kim x

Janet said...

Those dishes look delicious. I really need to learn some new things, I could eat pasta and pizza every day too. You'll have to recommend me some successful recipes!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Ladies!
@Janet its been really fun! Will do!
@abi thank you was time for a change :)

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