My heart will burst

On Friday evening Tom and I experienced our first health scare as parents resulting to a trip to the children's A&E department. All is fine thank god (he had an all over rash and uncontrollable crying which may just be a reaction to something. My bet is the 8 week inoculations he had a few days previously). The hospital told us we did the right thing to bring him in which was a relief as you cant help thinking there is a fine line between over cautious and just over the top. There were moments when I thought 'where is the adult here to tell me what to do? Surely its not me?!

What I have learnt from this experience is that worrying over your child's health is enough to give you a heart attack yourself.
Its obvious of course that you will love your child but you don't realise until you have one just how intense that feeling is. It feels like your heart will burst..


The Dress Tree said...

So glad everything was ok, what a horrible thing to have to go through though!

Kim xx

Amanda Pouss said...

I'm so glad hat everything is ok, just catching up on Twitter and saw that you'd been in a&e.

That first photo is just adorable! Wilf is a beauty!

Amanda xx

nancy knits said...

oh no, hardly been on twitter so had no idea this had happened. poor you and poor little wilf. great to hear all was ok in the end, xxxx ps your post about the struggles of breastfeeding was lovely. so honest (as always) and so moving xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks ladies it was pretty awful but so thankful it was a false alarm!
@Nancy thanks for the comment re: BF also xx

Jess said...

aww bless ya!! theres a lot of weird lil bugs around this time of year as well, never be afraid of being too cautious,over the top or whatever! wasted trips to A and E are the best and only ones we want !!! :) we had many trips one the years with four kids and I hate hate hate the place, honestly don't know how people with seriously ill kids cope :(

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