Two months old

I can not believe this little baby is two months old already! Where that time has gone I have no idea. This month we have been looking at shapes (he loves his black and white books) he is interested in toys more and he smiles so much! He tries really hard to suck his thumb, its the cutest thing as he will look at his hand, bring it closer to his face until he is cross eyed..and then just miss it! 
He loves music and will smile when I sing to him and coo along with the tune, he can hold his head up by himself now and look around at different noises. The other day he focussed properly on our cat Maddie and beamed!
Sometimes the days can become repetitive, whilst I feel like i've been non stop I find I cant really explain what we've done with our day. I started reading the book 'what mothers do, especially when it looks like nothing', two chapters in and I was crying happy tears. This mama thing is overwhelming sometimes and it can feel like 'you've got nothing done' because the house is a mess and you haven't got the groceries. The thing is what you have been doing is looking after your child, interacting, teaching, playing and loving and all these things are 'getting things done' and much more important! I feel so honoured to be this little baby's mama.
Oh and those pictures just make me laugh so much, he looks like a chubby little hamster!


Jess said...

two months already!!! wow mind you my niece is three months now unbelievable! lol @ the book, I went back to work two days a week just so I could sit down for a few hours when mine were 5 months and 21 months. looks like nothing = most exhausting job ever. juts read you've been poorly again, hope you feel better soon.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

I remember when you told me your Niece was born,seems like the other day! Thank you, we are finally better *fingers crossed* x

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous! So gutted we didn't get to meet you on Sunday but I hope you're well now. I've just bought this book, thank you for the recommendation. I feel like I've achieved nothing most days and then I remember that Lil had learnt a new word or does something she didn't do yesterday. We (and others) are too hard on ourselves.

Happy two months Wilf xxx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@charlotte, gutted we missed you AGAIN but it wasnt a pretty sight! Some day soon! x

Charis said...

He looks absolutely gorgeous! My nephew is almost 4 months old now & has apparently taken to running about now & laughing as he does it!

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