A day in the life of (a photo an hour)

8am - In truth we will have been awake a while by now but we just hang out doing roley-poley, nursing, cooing, you know the usual ;)

9am tea - I used to drink a huge amount, now its only a couple of cups a day. I cherish them

10am - we feed on demand so this isn't like a 10am scheduled feed or anything, just happened to be what we were up to. In all honestly Wilf probably feeds every hour or so that chubbly boy! 

 11am - poor baba is teething, lots of sucking mamas thumb going on these days

11am - nappy change!

12pm - fake bacon, leek and scrambled eggs made with soya milk. Two things weird with this lunch, I realise I'm having soya with eggs, I'm not vegan I just prefer soya to dairy. It may be weird to eat leeks with this meal, I'm not sure, all I know is I love leeks

1pm - Hanging nappies on the line, one of my great pleasures 

2pm off to meet our friends from the station for a park date 
here is where I messed up as between 1pm and 4.30pm I forgot to take any pictures due to the fun we were having in the park with our friends..

Daddy called us at 4.30 and asked if we wanted to meet him from work. A mad dash from dropping off our friend at one side of the platform to run round to the other (in 5mins!!) just made it but I broke a sweat.

5pm - A beer in a beer garden on a Spring afternoon, well deserved after my run, although a couldn't finish it.

6pm -and then pie..yes I know that its sunny these days but like Weeble and Bob I will always like pie

7pm - stuck under a sleeping baby 
8pm - relaxation time 

9pm - Bedtime! nos da!
photos taken with a mixture of my cannon 450D and my Iphone (bet you can tell which is by which!)
Also my friend Cathy wrote this brilliant post this other day which features me! Thanks again Cathy, what a lovely thing to say, made me smile all day xoxo

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